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Saturday, February 15

Saturday in the park

The sky is very gray and overcast with  no hint of the sun. Looking out the front window snow covers most of the view. I’m moving slowly this morning. My head feels full and stuffy. Mike is watching The Dog Whisperer in the living room alone and laughing out loud to himself. We haven’t had a pet for five years since Scooter died of lung cancer. We took him to the vet and held him and petted him while the IV drug ended his life. I tear up even now thinking about. Since then my fucking brain cancer came back so I had to have a bunch of chemo and then the Godawful stem cell transplant. My immune system has been rebuilding the last couple years so we’ve been pet free in our home. We might get a puppy this summer. I’d like a cat but Mike is deathly allergic to cats.

I’m going to wrap up the rest of the cake I made yesterday and get it the hell out of here. Neither one of us needs more cake.

Testing testing testing

I’m trying to figure out how to work this Amazon Affiliate business in a way that I can easily manage.  Discount birdbath!  I hope I’m doing...