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Saturday, September 26

Three things to improve your day

Today is a coolish, damp, overcast day. We did some errands first thing this morning then came back home to put things in the freezer, tidy up, walk the dog and a few other things. We’re going back out after while to look at flooring, sinks, faucets and cabinet drawer pulls for the kitchen remodel. In a few weeks work should be well underway. We’re also having a bunch of other stuff done to the house. The thought of the house being torn up and under construction is exciting but dreadful too. When we remodeled at the old house I remember feeling really stressed out and anxious. There are fewer places to hide during construction in this house. I’ll just focus on the positive and how much our home will be improved and how happy I’ll be when it’s all done.

I need to stay positive.
I need to stay busy.
I need to keep moving.

If I keep that forward motion I don’t have time to screw around, get off task, think too much and get gloomy and negative. I need to keep water moving through my gills.

Friday, September 4

Delta Dawn

It’s early morning. The sun is just coming up. I’ve been awake for an hour or so and just got up.

We got home from Lake Geneva yesterday morning. I went for the interview at the dentist’s office. I kind of feel like I don’t like the main dentist ( my dentist). The other guy was way nicer. Not sure I want to work there. It IS really close and would be pretty easy at part time but I don’t know that I want to be committed. I’d like to stay free and fluid. Hmmmm I’ll have to think about it. Besides they’re interviewing other people for that job. I also did a phone interview for a neurologist but that would be full time . Not sure what I want to do. I guess I’m just easing into retirement and exploring available options.

I’m leaving around 10 this morning with Bitzi to go see my family. I’ll come home Sunday. Driving down there and back always wears me out but it’s good to see family. 

Thursday, June 18

Rip snorting

7:14 am.  I’m awake and still foggy headed. I’m sitting here drinking my coffee. Mike is bustling around in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. The landscapers came today - normally they come on Friday. It took them under fifteen minutes to buzz the yard and vanish. I’m taking the boys back today - meeting Sarah in Lacon. They started getting homesick yesterday and asked if they could go home a day early. I’m tired. I got too much sun on my arms and back while working in the yard yesterday. I had put sunscreen on in the morning but didn’t reapply it in the afternoon. I’m planning to leave here with the boys by 8:30 and I’m taking the puppy along so I’ll have to stop to let her out to drink & play. 

Friday, April 17

Nothing to do Friday Fluff

Corona virus IL

I’m not sure why I’ve been recording this.

3/17    Tested positive   115           1 death 

3/18       228                  1 death 

3/19        422.                  4 dead 

3/20.                                7 dead 

3/22.      753.                    14  dead

3/30.   4596.                      65deaths 

3/31.  9000.                        105 deaths 

4/6    12263                         307deaths 

4/8     13,549.                        389 deaths

4/9    15,  078.                      462 deaths

4/10.  17887                         596 

4/11    19,180.                      677 

4/12.  20,852.                       720

4/13.   22, 025.                    794 

4/15.   24,594.                      948 

4/16.     25,773.                  1,072 

4/17.     27,575.                  1,134

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