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Thursday, November 5

2020 United States Presidential Election

It’s morning and I’m having my black coffee with MCT oil in it. I’m fasting until noon. Today and tomorrow I’m subbing for an elementary PE teacher ( from home via Zoom). Today I have 3 2nd grade classes in the morning and 3 kindergarten in the afternoon. They just access Canvas ( an online teaching learning app) and log in there to do today’s activities. I pretty much just greet them and tell them to go do their assignments. Tomorrow I have first and fourth grade classes. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully the building principal will remember to put me in the Zoom meeting both days as I’m unable to access it without that.

I’ve been in angst over the election. I knew it would be like this. Now Trump is suing the states, demanding they stop counting the mail-in ballots and wanting recounts. Just like the whiney little bitch that he is.

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