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Sunday, May 17

Soggy Sunday

11:56am Sunday

It’s been raining and raining the past couple days and nights. The good thing is that the plants outside are popping up nicely. My hostas in front look so fresh and perky. That’s a good thing about today. Also another good thing is the day is calm and relaxed with no obligations. In general my mood isn’t good on gloomy days. I need sunshine. I did soak up a good amount of sunshine yesterday thankfully. Mike and I went through the Starbucks drive thru earlier to get me a couple cups of coffee. I got an email this morning the the Huntley Springs corporation is no longer considering my application as they’ve had much more experienced candidates apply. I just applied on a whim anyway having run across the opening online. The close proximity was the appeal to me. Ah, there’ll be something else come along in the future. I’ve had some ideas brewing for quite a while. I’m getting my new baby puppy a week from today anyway. 

 12:29 We got a big new TV for the living room a couple months ago. I like it just fine but it’s Mikes baby and he rules the remote which is fine. I was in the bedroom a few minutes ago when I heard out in the living screaming and cussing and ranting on. Evidently he tried to use this stupid long handle duster we have ( I never use it because it’s stupid) on the TV and there was a tiny wire poking out and it scratched the top of the screen. There’s a visible scratch about 10” long from the top on the right side. JHC why would he even be doing that????

Monday, May 4

You can’t always get what you want

9:43am There is no school today. I’m not even sure why. Mike is in the back office working. It’s much chillier and overcast out today. I’m in a bad mood. I know a walk will help but I haven’t gotten the will to do it yet. My mind feels like mush. A walk will help. It always does.
I’m wanting to go to stores but I don’t really need to. I want to go buy plants but really it’s still too early to put them out. You don’t know if it will get colder yet. I brought my many potted aloe Vera plants inside last night. They’re already mad at me for leaving them outside a couple weeks ago when it got cold. Now everybody ( of the plants) are going to stay inside until Memorial Day. About the time I’ll get my puppy!

I’m just feeling kind of glum like I could cry but not sure why. Mike is completely insensitive and oblivious to my feelings 99% of the time. He needs to be hit in the face with a hammer to notice. I’m sure I’m worse than him as I’m WAY too overly sensitive and thin skinned most of the time. He even has described himself ( and other have described him this way too) as a thick- skinned rhinoceros. He’s worked as a baseball ump many years and an editor so he’s used taking and giving shit. You might describe him as very firmly planted in his opinions and unwavering. Like a bulldog kinda. With a very big heart.

2:55 I still haven’t gone for a walk but I’ve gotten a lot done around the house inside and outside. I have laundry going right now. I made corn fritters and pasta salad earlier. I went to the store with Mike. 

The washing machine is whirring and spinning out my load of colored clothes. There is a bleached load of whites next. My mother-in-law is doing well with her cancer. She has one more immune therapy infusion next week and then she’ll get scans. She’s 81 and aside from saying she’s tired a lot she seems to be doing better and not as depressed. 

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