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Wednesday, June 17

Early bird special

6:00 I woke up really early this morning for some reason and got a few things done. I took Bitzi out and now she’s having playtime with her squeaky bone and chew rag and chicken chew ring. She’s been getting pretty cranked up and wild lately. She gets really excited with the kids.Im taking the boys to Lake Geneva public beach later this morning. We’ll go for a while as long as it’s safe and they keep their distance. It’s a nice clean pretty big beach with lifeguard and ropes for the kids. My knee is still bothering me so I don’t know how fun I will be. I’ll probably just sit there watching and trying to not get sunburned. 

I have laundry in the dryer, put the dishwasher stuff away, reloaded it, gathered the trash and recycling. I’m going outside to water in a minute. The two old geezers who live in the house beside us have nothing to do but sit around looking for every tiny little thing they can find to complain to me about. Because they’re ancient dinosaurs I just clench my teeth and nod and walk away. They made some comment about my dropping hostas I transplanted by the mailbox. 

7:03 The boys are awake now. Mike just left for physical therapy. When he gets back he’s going to take my car and fill it with gas. I went out front and watered and transplanted some lilies to the mailbox. I’m hoping today goes smoothly. 
7:41 just discovered the boys didn’t bring swimming trunks. The said they can swim in their shorts but I don’t want to risk the shorts fall down or off in the water. We’ll be running in Walmart. I’ve got to beach bags packed and ready to go. 

1:55 We’re back home from the beach. I made quesadillas for lunch and am doing two loads of laundry. The boys are lying in their room playing on their tablets. We only stayed at the beach about ninety minutes but it was starting to get crowded so we left. I told the boys to keep their distance from people and we weren’t staying long.

Monday, January 13

New baby!

There’s a new grand baby boy on the way in March!  I’m am so excited #grandkids  cute! Right now I have six grandchildren so far, four boys and two girls. Soon it will be five boys. I bought a bunch of baby shower items on amazon and had them delivered to my stepdaughter’s house. So easy. She created a wishlist and we just clicked and had them delivered. Since I had brain and eye cancer it’s just easier for me to shop on Amazon rather than try to fight suburban traffic and crowds. While I was just sitting here typing the doorbell rang and Amazon delivered some iron-on fusible hem tape for my too- long pants and some teacher incentive stickers. I love Amazon! What would I do without it? amazon gift cards!

Today was a pretty good day. I went to work and then went to the doctor. I am so thankful my health is as good as it is #cancersurvivor, #cancersucks, #alive, #lifeisgood. I take vitamins for mature women  and probiotics and drink kefir. 

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