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Friday, April 17

Nothing to do Friday Fluff

Corona virus IL

I’m not sure why I’ve been recording this.

3/17    Tested positive   115           1 death 

3/18       228                  1 death 

3/19        422.                  4 dead 

3/20.                                7 dead 

3/22.      753.                    14  dead

3/30.   4596.                      65deaths 

3/31.  9000.                        105 deaths 

4/6    12263                         307deaths 

4/8     13,549.                        389 deaths

4/9    15,  078.                      462 deaths

4/10.  17887                         596 

4/11    19,180.                      677 

4/12.  20,852.                       720

4/13.   22, 025.                    794 

4/15.   24,594.                      948 

4/16.     25,773.                  1,072 

4/17.     27,575.                  1,134

Monday, February 17

Presidents’ Day

8:11 am This is Presidents’s day and I have the day off from school. Mike has to go in to his newspaper office but he usually doesn’t leave home until 9 or so. I have been sick in varying degrees since September. Right now I have my usual congestion plus my throat is sore and my voice hoarse. I went to Peoria and stayed at the hotel with my three grandsons. My youngest daughter and her husband stayed in another room down the hall. We swam for about 90 minutes Saturday late afternoon but left when the pool got too crazy full. Evidently there were a couple birthday parties going on and the hotel was pretty full. Our rooms were way back on the far end of the property. We had never stayed back there and it was a really long walk to get to the pool and breakfast area. The pool water was a bit chilly for me but the boys didn’t care and had a blast. I ordered from Avantis for dinner and Sarah and Keith went out for a rare alone dinner. The boys were asleep with the TV and lights off by 9:30 but I kept hearing a group of little girls running up and down the hall outside our room giggling and squealing. I fell asleep for a couple hours but woke around 1am hearing someone in the room above us stomping and jumping so I couldn’t go back to sleep for a long time. Sunday morning we woke up, went down for breakfast and we’re all going to go swim for an hour or two but my head felt full and dizzy and I felt like shit so I stayed in the room to tidy up and the rest of them went to swim. We left the hotel around 11 and I drove home. My daughter texted me last night that she didn’t feel well and had a sore throat and white spots on her throat. I just hate this suck-y time of winter when it’s cold, gloomy and everyone is sick. Gaaaah! I keep thinking about going south in February in coming years # bucketofsuck,#winterinchicago, #ineedsunshine
I guess it could be worse.....Mike is taking his mom to the oncologist tomorrow after getting the stage 4 cancer results from her lung biopsy #cancersucks, #cureallcancers. Due to the latest results on his mother Mike has put off getting his painful shoulders and neck problems looked at. When it rains it pours.
It’s supposed to start snowing from 10-1 and then turn to rain for the rest of the day. I have a couple errands to run and then I’m going to the dentist for fillings this afternoon.
I’ve been sleeping with my vaporizer misting on the nightstand with eucalyptus oil in it every night to help me breathe better.

Saturday, February 15

Saturday in the park

The sky is very gray and overcast with  no hint of the sun. Looking out the front window snow covers most of the view. I’m moving slowly this morning. My head feels full and stuffy. Mike is watching The Dog Whisperer in the living room alone and laughing out loud to himself. We haven’t had a pet for five years since Scooter died of lung cancer. We took him to the vet and held him and petted him while the IV drug ended his life. I tear up even now thinking about. Since then my fucking brain cancer came back so I had to have a bunch of chemo and then the Godawful stem cell transplant. My immune system has been rebuilding the last couple years so we’ve been pet free in our home. We might get a puppy this summer. I’d like a cat but Mike is deathly allergic to cats.

I’m going to wrap up the rest of the cake I made yesterday and get it the hell out of here. Neither one of us needs more cake.

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