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Friday, February 5

My dislike of February

In general I like winter. I like the nip in the air, the graceful dusting of snow making everything seem magical, I like Christmas trees glowing with lights, I like presents, I like family get together and special foods of the season, I like sweaters and soft cozy scarves and mittens. I just do not like February. It’s usually mostly overcast and comes with bitter winds and ice and a stupid groundhog holiday. I do not like it at all. I vow I will be somewhere much warmer and greener next February. As God is my witness I shall. (Ala Scarlett O’Hara......)

It’s super frigid outside and there is a shitload of snow and ice on the ground and the puppy has pooped inside TWICE today. She doesn’t like to do her business outside when it’s freezing like I have been on poop watch alert all day. I’ve taken her out a couple times. I tried taking her for a walk at the lodge earlier (usually it tends to be cleared off over there better and you can actually walk on the sidewalks) BUT they’re now giving he vaccine to all the Sun City residents 75 and older so it was a mob scene at the lodge this morning and most all the parking spots were filled. Once I did manage to park way at the end and started walking Bitzi there were all these old people coming in walkers and wheelchairs and Bitzi gets excited and was trying to jump at them and get tangled up with her leash so I tried to walk away from them quickly but ultimately I decided it was just too bitterly cold for my little baby and carried her all the way back down the parking lot to my car. I’ve taken her outside a couple times today for a few minutes each. 

It’s 3pm and Mike is on his last Zoom meeting of the week. He hasn’t quit yet. I think he’s probably waiting for the next buy-out offer to come along. So he’s still plodding away. I’ve been thinking about doing the coursework to get certified as a medical coder biller. They make pretty good money any I could do it all remotely. I have a friend in Canton who does coding for a hospital in Florida. It sounds like a good gig so I am investigating that. 

I got more news about the vaccine roll out from one of the nearby districts I sub for but evidently the daily subs are all the back of the list behind full time teachers, full time building subs and long term whatever. I am hoping I can get lucky in the next couple weeks and get a vaccine. It’s hard to be patient. My daughter is going back to work at a care residence for profoundly physically and mentally disable children so she got her vaccine #1 today. She had been working for her dad but that turned in to a shitstorm ( I knew it surely would......) so now she isn’t working for that bastard any more. 

Some of the blogs I read are so aggravating because there are so many frigging ads, pop-ups and links that take you zooming to somewhere else you didn’t intend to go to and you can’t manage to get to the meat of the article you wanted to read that you were lured into clicking on the title because It teased something that you were actually interested in. I HATE THAT SHIT. I just want to read an article that has good useful content not a bunch of drawn out malarkey and advertising. I know, I know that’s how they make money but doesn’t it defeat the purpose of writing it in the first place if the reader has to go on a fishing expedition just to get to discover they content isn’t really what you proposed it was in the title in the first place? Isn’t that kind of shameless? I thin it is. There are tons of links like that on Pinterest- you think you’ve found something really good and worthwhile but then when you click to read it it’s bullshit. I hate that. 

I canceled my 6:30 pool appointment today. I just felt there was no way I was going over there this morning in the dark in the frozen sub-zero bullshit. Also we didn’t clean the drive off last night so it was still there this morning. So last night I canceled my pool appointment, turned my 5:15 rooster crow alarm off and just snuggled up under the covers. We woke up this morning shortly after 7 and I made coffee and we both went out and cleared off the driveway and sidewalks and shoveled a little area for Bitzi (but she still didn’t want to use it). Mike uses the snowblower and I shovel. I have a big long quilted crazy warm hooded coat and Ugg boots so I’m fine. I figure shoveling is good exercise and my shoulders aren’t all screwed up like Mike’s. It’s not even so much the snow I don’t like. It’s the prolonged overcast days and the ice that I don’t like. Snow is okay by itself. 

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