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Wednesday, August 26


I’ve taken Bitzi on a couple long walks today. It’s pretty hot and I carried her some of the way. She doesn’t tolerate the heat that well and starts panting pretty hard. It’s the middle of the afternoon and baking hot out there right now. I have an appointment for a 3:45 indoor pool slot. Actually I’m too tired to go and thought about canceling but I’m going to go anyway and try it. Maybe the water will be invigorating.

My old friend Marilyn called me a while ago. I hadn’t talked to her in almost a year. She wanted to get together for lunch. I guess sometimes it is my friends who contact me. I just have to wait them out I guess. Marilyn has been retired for several years. She’s kind and sweet and funny. I’ve always liked her and her quirky ways. Anyway we’ll probably get together for lunch in a couple weeks. She always has interesting stories. I’ve known her for twenty years. We were band teacher friends to start.

It feels weird and good at the same time. I’m just not used to it. I feel like I’m locked in a closet and I’m supposed to change into a costume but I don’t know which one to put on and there isn’t enough room to change anyway. Kinda like that.

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