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Monday, May 18

The Last Dance

11:13am Monday 
  We watched the last episodes of the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance last night. It was really well done. I watched a lot of those games during their double three-pear era. My oldest son was crazy about basketball and Jordan was his idol. The program was very enjoyable to watch.

I just got home from Aldi. The store here in Huntley is only about a mile from our house. I wore my mask and gloves and used hand sanitizer when I got back in the car and took my gloves off. Everything in the stores is about as safe as they can make it. I do take precautions but I’m not going to stay hidden in my house 24/7 every day in terror. This is bullshit. I’m being careful I’m just not going to go completely out of my gourd off the deep end like a lot of these freaks. Suck it up buttercup. Darwin had the answers. 

I have my last Zoom lessons this week starting in a little while. I’ll be SO GLAD to be done! 

2:34 time gap between lessons. The first girl for the noon lesson ( whose mother just requested this lesson a few days ago) didn't show up so at 12:14 I ended the meeting. Then in the middle of my 2:00 lesson the girl emails me and tells me she's waiting. I'm not sure if she and her mother thought she could just log on anytime and I'd be sitting there waiting or what. I have two more lessons to go today. Both good studious advanced sixth grade girls, a trumpet and an oboe. I wish they could all be as conscientious and polite as these girls. 

5:43om.     As usual, Mike is still back in the office working. I went ahead and ate. I cooked some hot Italian sausage that needed to be cooked. I charred it all crusty in the iron skillet. I ate some leftover tortellini that was in the fridge.( I’m usually the one who eats the leftovers) but then Mike said he thought it looked good so I made a little more tortellini for him to have with his sausage. I have another loaf of bread rising. Wednesday I have to drive to downtown Elgin to my school district central office to turn in my laptop, charger, school IPad and keyboard case, my door key fob and a French Horn. Someone will come out and escort me into the building. After that I have to drive to South Elgin to an elementary school and bag up a few of my remaining possessions and leave my room key. I have to wear a mask and gloves to both places of course. Next week on the 27th my school email will be deactivated along with my school blog, Google Classroom, YouTube channel and everything else associated with my school email account. Today I reset my school Ipad clean of all my stuff. I’m ready. This is really happening. It feels good and exciting but a little scary and sad. It’s like I’m losing part of my identity and don’t know yet what I’m going to put in it’s place. I have a lot of thoughts and emotions brewing around in there. I’m just going to have to become fabulous in a different way. I have my ruby slippers. 

Sunday, May 10

Dias de Madre

9:56am Sunday

I slept late this morning. Mike made me breakfast (he  almost never ever cooks). He made scrambled eggs with cheese, he heated up and gave me half a “ Supreme” brand tamale on my plate and toasted a piece of my homemade jalapeƱo- cheese bread and brought it to me in my reading area in the sitting room. Very nice. He knew I was pissed off at him last night. I didn’t say a word and just left him sitting alone for hours. He almost never apologizes. I do think sometimes he’s sorry he acts like an asshole big-mouthEd Fred Flintstone type but very very rarely actually utters an apology. I think it’s a man thing. It was the same type of deal with the first one ( admittedly MUCH much worse) but still unable to apologize or accept fault. At this point Mike and I are mostly just good friends and roommates and sometimes you just get sick of one another and need a break. I still can’t believe what an asshole ogre he was last night. I just don’t say anything because it’s no use. He doesn’t listen and always deflects it and ping pongs it back at me. Why bother to try after all this time?

Sunday, March 22

The abyss of staying put

Watching the news is now an endless infusion of doom relating to the spreading virus and rising death toll across our nation and the world. Scenes from Italy and Spain hospitals are nightmarish. Now our governor has announced all schoolswill be closed until April 8 but I’m pretty certain it will be much longer than that.

Ten tricks to stay positive

Now in February 2021 the world has been living with, fighting, learning about and worrying over Covid-19. I keep reading all the stories of ...