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Friday, March 6

Laugh a lot

6:26 am

Sipping my second cup of coffee with milk and cinnamon looking out the front window at the hazy gloomy sky. At least it’s Friday. At least it’s Friday. 

4:08. Due to my weak immune system and the fact I catch colds and flus and everything frequently I’m more than a little nervous of the spread of the corona virus. I’ve been trying to be extra careful and washing my hands thoroughly several times a day at school. SO many germs are at schools.

We’re going to the Huntley legion fish fry later and then coming home to watch Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. We are not partners, drinkers or night owls at all. I almost never have an alcoholic drink and Michael less than me. Life is exciting enough. I’m six try now and trying to stay as healthy as possible and take care of myself inside and outside. Great anti-aging creams.  best foundation Best primer product

Ten tricks to stay positive

Now in February 2021 the world has been living with, fighting, learning about and worrying over Covid-19. I keep reading all the stories of ...