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Thursday, February 20

Almost Friday almost the weekend

6:25 pm

I’ve been home from work for a while. I did some school work, called the pharmacy, heated up and ate some leftover ramen noodles with peas, corn and butter, read emails, washed my face, brushed my hair, used my prescription eye drops, take my antibiotic and put my pajamas on. I have infection in my lower lungs. I knew that before going to the doctor yesterday. I’m rattle-y, junky and wheeze-y. It makes it difficult and aggravating singing and playing instrument at work all day. My throat hurts and my voice is pretty hoarse. Very attractive. I am SO SICK OF THIS SHIT!!!We watched the democratic presidential debate last night. It got pretty frickin nasty and heated! I almost felt like I was watching WWE wrestling.

I am still pretty depressed about stuff but trying really really hard not to be.

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