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Thursday, October 1

Won’t you take me to Funky Town?

6:59am Friday October 2
I’m chilly. We haven’t turned the heat on yet but I’m about ready. I’m sitting here with a hoodie over a cami, long pants, wool socks and Skechers on and I’m still chilly. I’m trying to drink my first cup of coffee. Mike came in to our bedroom an hour or more ago and woke me up saying Trump and Melania have tested positive for Covid-19 and how he’d been watching the news and it’s the story of the year. I thought he wanted / needed to talk about it so I got up and went in my bathroom and got dressed to find him buried down under the covers sound asleep and snoring. now I’m wide awake. Yes evidently POTUS and FLOTUS tested positive and they’re quarantining. Not much more to read. Is anyone surprised?  WhoopTfuckin doo 

I took Bitzi out for her morning walk and talked to Sue our neighbor with her little white Maltese Roxy. I came home and took a bunch of stuff out to the recycling bin in the garage and sorted laundry and made waffles and scrambled eggs. I defrosted some mixed berries for the waffles. It’s sunny damp and brisk out there. At 7am on the dot the landscapers came to mow and trim. There isn’t much to do now as everything’s going dormant. They were done and gone in ten minutes.

This is not our kitchen. Ours is much smaller but this is the look I’m going for with the kitchen makeover.

Thursday, February 20

Almost Friday almost the weekend

6:25 pm

I’ve been home from work for a while. I did some school work, called the pharmacy, heated up and ate some leftover ramen noodles with peas, corn and butter, read emails, washed my face, brushed my hair, used my prescription eye drops, take my antibiotic and put my pajamas on. I have infection in my lower lungs. I knew that before going to the doctor yesterday. I’m rattle-y, junky and wheeze-y. It makes it difficult and aggravating singing and playing instrument at work all day. My throat hurts and my voice is pretty hoarse. Very attractive. I am SO SICK OF THIS SHIT!!!We watched the democratic presidential debate last night. It got pretty frickin nasty and heated! I almost felt like I was watching WWE wrestling.

I am still pretty depressed about stuff but trying really really hard not to be.

Saturday, January 25

I will survive

Good morning. It’s 8:06 Saturday and I just woke up a while ago and am drinking my first coffee since last Saturday. I’ve been so sick all week I could barely eat or drink anything. I am sipping today’s coffee slowly. My gut has been very unhappy. I did manage to get up and take a shower, wash my hair, style it and put some lotion on my face and put on real clothes yesterday so I didn’t feel like such a troll. I  spent the week in pajamas or lounge pants, my hair up in a haggard bun and no makeup or moisturizer. I got pretty dehydrated and was startled Thursday when I was sitting at my bathroom vanity mirror and noticed how drawn and wrinkled and haggard I looked. My arms and hands were all dry and scaled and shriveled looking. I couldn’t sleep for about three days or keep my food or drink in that didn’t go straight through me. No wonder I’ve been so weak and unstable on my feet. Mike stayed home with me several days. So I’m feeling better but not 100%. I plan to go back to work Monday but take it easy. We shall see how it goes.

The situation with my oldest daughter is still going on. She is not responding to calls or texts-to me, her father, her siblings. She has only stated she’s fine and is de stressing and doesn’t want to talk. This has been going on for weeks. She’s thirty-seven so I just have to trust she’ll work out whatever it is. I can’t help but worry. I try to remind myself to have faith.

Thursday Mike and I were supposed to attend my first retirement meeting for this year’s retirees. Of course I was too sick to go so now I’ll have to try to play catch up and get the information I missed. Another hassle to chase down when I’m feeling exhausted. HR sent me a link about the insurance and TRS stuff- too much overwhelming information. Oh well it will all work out. Things always work out. 

In an attempt to build back some strength I’m going to try to move around more today, perhaps go outside and shovel a bit and get some fresh air. We’re supposed to get up to 7” and it’s still snowing. Mike did it by himself yesterday before he left for work. He has two bum shoulders that are going to need fixed before too much longer. Like everything else he keeps putting it off. He just wants to take care of me.

The ongoing political situation is nauseating, mind numbing, frightening and fascinating all at once. I watched quite a bit of the impeachment hearings this week. Adan Schiff was awesome, passionate and well spoken. We all know, unfortunately, that it will do no good and the Republicans have the Senate majority and will vote to keep Trump in office. It is unfathomable that we have a US president so similar to Hitler. His followers are a cult. How did this happen to the USA?  I have very little hope that the fall presidential election won’t be screwed by the Russians again. I read the Chicago Daily Herald, top stories from the Washington Post, New York Times, Huffington Post nearly  every day. I watch Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO and Fox News ( for conservative balance to be fair) but I still don’t have much clarity or faith in the state of our country.

11:35. I’ve been doing a little light housework and finally got around to watering my plants. A couple have not survived the winter. That’s the way it always goes. You can’t please everyone. The dead plants go out to the back side area of the house that I’ve designated the dump. Their pots and dirt will be used for other things next spring. It’s snowing pretty hard again. The snowflakes are big and fluffy coming down fast. To me this is the part of winter that’s a bucket of suck. The first part is okay but then about mid-January it starts to suck. I can seriously see us in a few years being January to March snow birds.

Thursday, January 16

I have become comfortably numb

I'm feeling pretty glum tonight. I'm frustrated, sad and feel helpless. You can only do so much. 

Friday 4:98 am

I still haven’t really spoken to my oldest daughter in a few weeks but have got a couple quick dodging text responses. I’m pretty sure something awful has happened and she doesn’t want to tell anyone. I am vexed and can’t quit worrying.  I just have this suspicious feeling and it’s driving me crazy. I want to help. My protective mama bear alert has been going off. I’m afraid it’s her husband and she’s afraid or ashamed to tell. I have lived that situation and I know. I wish she would talk to me. I guess when she’s ready.She’s an adult and I can’t make her do anything #parentinggrownadults 

Pink Floyd  I Have Become Comfortably Numb 
Comfortably Numb

My ex father in law is supposed to be near death my younger daughter told me yesterday. He’s 90-some and has lived in Florida for many years. I can’t even remember the last time I saw him.  He and my ex husband had a very weird not close relationship.One reason my ex was messed up.  I did not like my ex father-in-law. He was a very harsh , brash know-it-all asshole in his younger days. I have actually been getting along with my ex husband the last year. Funny how times fixes things and you come to realize so much more and grow wiser. It took a long long time for all that anger and hurt to heal #timehealsallwounds 

 For a couple months I’ve had this sense, this funny feeling in my gut that something was coming, something big was going to happen or someone was going to die. I’ve felt it looming in the background, a premonition or whatever.I feel it hasn’t happened yet but it’s still unclear and I still feel it hanging in the air out there #premonition, #intuition

I’ve been fighting a sore throat and a wolf cough the last few days and it seems like maybe it’s not going to get so bad. I’ve been taking my Emergency C powder every morning, my vitamins, probiotic, kefir, flushes my sinuses, gargling with warm salt water, running the vaporizer beside the bed at night, washing my hands a lot and I take Advil Cold & Sinus gel capsules . 
Advil cold gel caps

The flu is going through the schools. My six year old grandson has been sick with a fever and cough all week but is feeling better now. If the weather isn’t bad I’m going to drive down to Lewistown in the morning m hopefully see my grandson Waylon who I haven’t seen in a long time and the other kids and come home Sunday afternoon. I have a dentist appointment for fillings Monday at 8am. I have 5 small cavities that developed while I had braces.  

I’ve been awake since about 2am. I tried to go back to sleep for a while. Mike was making his funny breathing snoring sounds, obviously asleep. I don’t want to wake him so I just got up and made coffee, put my socks on, grabbed my throw blanket and turned the thermostat up. Today should be an easy day. I’m only at one school.

Yesterday some mysterious yellow envelope was delivered to Mikes newspaper office with crazy 9-11 scrawlings all over the front so the police and EMS were contacted and eventually the FBI. The building was evacuated and the deemed the envelope safe for transport and took it to the lab. Mike was notified before he left the house in the morning so he just worked from home. After a few hours the staff was allowed back in the building to resume work.  They’ve received crazy threats many times. Some nut job gets pissed off about some story or editorial they read in the paper and decide to come down to the office and kick somebody’s ass or shoot up the building. One crank threaten to slash throats and rape all the women. Journalism can be a risky profession and it has only gotten worse in our current political climate and current administration. Mike has been confronted in the parking lot walking to his car in the past. He has fielded numerous threatening calls. They have a secure facility and security guards on hand but things still happen.
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