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Friday, August 7

Go day

6:20 am 

I’m on my first coffee. I’m trying to be quiet. Mike just got up. It’s our twenty-first anniversary today. We have nothing special planned. He got me a card. I haven’t even opened it yet. I got him nothing. He doesn’t like gifts.

Mike has to work today. I’m pretty sure he’s going to work and hang on as long as he can. He says he loves his job but it’s changing beneath him all the time. 

I’m driving the four grandkids back to Canton and maybe seeing my sisters. Depending on Vicki’s condition, I may stay over or I may drive back home. If I come back home I’ll go into clean up and recovery mode and then just relax. Tomorrow is a big birthday party for our neighbor’s  100th birthday. John is a WW II navy / coast guard veteran.  He and his wife Fran are pretty cool.

I’ve been waiting until the end of summertime go get my car washed, waxed and detailed. There was no point to it while hauling the kids around. Maybe next week. 

I can hear my faint wheezing peeping squeaking from my lungs when I exhale. I have been feeling a bit more uncomfortable and mildly congested at night. Although I have no diagnosed pollen allergies I react to something in the air at the end of summer/ beginning of fall. Usually a couple weeks in to the school year is when it gets cranked up. The mold spores disputed into the air from the falling leaves maybe.

I’m leaving Bitzi home. If I do have to go to OSF hospital and see Vicki I can’t take a dog in and she can’t just stay in the car. Mike can tend her. He usually takes a break and walks around the house every so often. 

All the scheduled times to use the big indoor pool next week are already taken. They make the time slots for the following week available online at 9 am every Wednesday. I forgot about it until last night but every slot is full. I suppose I’ll try the outdoor pool. Mike never goes with me. Never to the pool, fitness center, on walks. People assume I’m a widow. It’s just the way it is.

I took the dog out. Lately when I take her out she’s too distracted by looking at stuff, finding sticks to eat, sniffing, digging in the dirt to get down to business and pee. I take her out numerous times a day on walks. Mike takes her out around 9pm and then again around 12am. We take her food and water away about 8pm. She still isn’t allowed to roam free in the house because she’s peed on rugs a few times. She has an 8- panel portable wire puppy pen and a dog crate. She’s in the crate from around 9pm-6am with a couple outings to go pee. She’s five months old now. In another month she might come in heat. I haven’t decided yet whether to spay her or let her have a litter of puppies. The vet said I should wait until she’s 18 months old to breed her. She’s probably not going to weigh 10 pounds when she’s fully grown. I would have to find a similar-sized suitable male. Just not even sure I want to but there’s still a lot of time to decide.

6:42 I’m back home and exhausted. I drove all the way down and back. Vicki is not in an acute condition or in the hospital so I didn’t stay. The kids are back home. My skin biopsies were  all benign. Thank God. 

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