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Sunday, May 24

Today is the day


Coffee time in my pajamas with bare feet.
Mike is watching some cooking show.

Around 9:00 we’ll leave here to drive to Galena to pick up my puppy. Mike has still continued to complain about the cost but he pretty much complains about everything these days. I’m pretty f-ing sick of that shit and it’s getting harder to ignore it.every great once in a while I’ll blow my top and let him have it. I’m more like my dad in that respect. I’m thinking I’ll name the puppy Rosie but will wait until we meet her and get a feel for her personality.

I hope it’s nice weather for our drive. Late yesterday afternoon we got a terrible storm with a tornado nearby and massive pounding rain and flooding. I’m glad I got all my transplants in the ground before it hit!

I’ve applied for a couple more jobs locally. We’ll see if either one bites on the line. I’m not really sure about this but I don’t want to just sit around and atrophy. Also ever since Mike and I have been married I’ve covered him under my school district insurance. Now he’ll have to cover himself through his employer but there’s a high risk now that with the economy the way it is he may be out of a job and insurance before too long. He has a number of prescription maintenance drugs he’s on. He has hypertension and diabetes. Getting new health insurance will be pricey. I’m taking the TRS insurance option and my school district pays $426 a month toward my insurance each month until I qualify for Medicare. I’ll still pay some out of pocket but it sure helps. Anyway so I’ve been thinking of taking another full-time job with benefits until we’re both on Medicare and just pocketing the 400 every month. It needs to be a job close to home that isn’t too taxing. I applied at the local hospital here a few miles away as an oncology assistant. I’d have to complete some trading course but that’s okay. Lord knows I’ve spent a time of time in oncology departments over the years. 



Friday, January 3

It’s always some thing

So we took Mike’s 2010 Chevy Tahoe in this morning to a different mechanic place here in Huntley for an oil change and a quick once over check. We have used one other mechanic place since we moved here last March. Fine. We planned to pick it up in an hour or so then take it to Lake Geneva for our little two-night holiday  treat getaway. The mechanic just called saying it’s unsafe to drive and the ball joints, bearings and tires all desperately need replaced. We’ve been hearing some strange friction grinding sound for a while. The other mechanic who checked it said it was fine. What the hell? SO we’re leaving it to get the repairs ($$$$$) and taking my new Kia Sorento that now has 32,000 miles on it. I love my car.  But now, of course, we take the hit with this friggin Tahoe expense.  Like Rosanne Rosannadanna said “ It’s always something....”.

It’s very hazy and overcast out today and there’s an icy mist in the air. I always feel better when the sun is out. I’m fussy that way.  I’ve decided for my new year resolution to try to be more positive, be less sensitive and not let people and things get under my skin. Every one has a story I may not know about, so why let peoples’s bullshit get to me?  Ignore, bypass, sidestep, overlook, LET IT GO. This too shall pass. Put sensitive Suzy back in her box. Mike always tells me I need to toughen up and get a thicker skin. I get most offended by those insensitive thick- skinned rhinos roaming about. Do I need to be a rhino too?

I’ve had this feeling the last couple weeks that something big is going to happen but I don’t know what it is. Some big event, tragedy, death..... don’t know what it is but I can still feel it in my gut.

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