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Wednesday, September 23

Things that bug me

I’m sitting at the kitchen table typing on my little keyboard that doesn’t fit my iPad quite right. It’s too big and loose to hold the iPad correctly so I have a piece of double-stick nano tape on the back to hold it in place but it’s not working very well and the iPad slides off the track every little while. I may have it stuck on there well enough now......we shall see. It’s the nit picky little annoying things that drive me crazy and there have been tons of those lately. The millisecond my retirement was final the district terminated my email, my ID, all my district accounts and all that crap. Fine. NO ONE told me that if I wanted to have the option to sub I needed to notify them within 30 days so much stuff would carry over. So a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to have the OPTION to perhaps sub if I wanted to. I had to APPLY to the district which was a pain in the ass bunch of bullshit on its own. THEN once I was hired I have had to go through an enormous bunch of bullshit. And since I no longer had my district email much of the stuff they were sending me got caught in my spam junk folders. Now I think I have most of my stuff restored BUT my ability to log in to sub finder still won’t work. I’ve reset my log on numerous times and it won’t work for some f-ing reason so I had to contact Human Resources and now they’re working on it.......PLUS there was some colossal f up with my forms I submitted to TRS so that’s been a huge Mongolian clusterfeck to correct and resubmit. Still that shit isn’t all done. So many stupid aggravating things. I am not a patient person. I want my stuff done right and I want it now. 

I took Bitzi for a long walk and then continued having to deal with tedious calls, being put on hold and nuisance business emails. Later I have to meet another neighborhood rep at our community restaurant about a possible neighborhood 3 Christmas party luncheon. It would be limited to only 50 people ( there are 278 people in neighborhood 3...) and I can’t really see it happening but oh well....

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