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Monday, February 10

Recliner girl

It’s 4:41 and I’ve been home for a while. I’ve been on the phone with TRS and AIG about retirement. My head is going to explode there’s so much stuff to process. I sort of felt yucky at work today so I got off the phone and took a nice leisurely warm shower and put on my pajamas. I have heard spring birds singing outside the last few days. I heard some as I walked to the mailbox earlier. Hearing them warms my heart and makes me feel better. There IS hope of better days ahead. I get so cranky, miserable and anxious this time of year. It will make me feel better to see the kids this weekend. I’m looking forward to that.
I think Mike just wants to have pulled pork for dinner tonight. That’s easy because it’s already made. I’ll just have a sweet potato. I’m sitting here sideways in my old brown leather recliner. I always sit here and read sideways with my legs draped over the arm. It serves its purpose and is still in okay shape. We’ve trying to save up and put a big chunk of money against the house. We’re going to pay it off completely this summer. That will make retirement a bit easier.

I need to start proofreading my damned posts. Sometimes I’ll go back and reread them and die of embarrassment at the typos and dumbass things that accidentally get in. Often I type posts on my IPad when I’m not quite yet awake and sipping my first coffee. The old one finger pecking on the IPad can also spell disaster. #makeamericasmartagain.

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