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Friday, September 18

Take it to the limit

I’ve made it to Friday without too much trouble. It’s noticeably chilly today and there’s a frost warning for tonight. I sprayed all my potted plants outside that I want to bring inside and washed off all my little folding patio tables with the hose and all the plant bottom trays and let them dry and then I brought them all inside. Two were beastly heavy. I set the tables up by my bedroom windows and put most of the plants in there. The biggest crazy heavy tree is still sitting in the kitchen by the sliding door. At least I got it in the door and on a rug so it’s slightly easier to move.i was puffing and panting so badly after that. Earlier this morning I took Bitzi on a nice long brisk walk. 

I just drug the big heavy tree pot into the living room by the window. I’m exhausted and panting like I just gave birth. 

Saturday, August 29


I know popcorn doesn’t like my gut but I occasionally eat it before bedtime anyway. This morning I feel like I have a big boulder in my gut. I need to stop this madness and quit eating stuff that’s not good for my body. I need to put better fuel in my body. I need to think of food as medicine and not treats. My gut needs more non-starchy vegetables and I need to back off gluten, sugar and carbs. I did a lot of exercise yesterday but ate too much of poor choice foods. I have been blessed to stay alive but I need to do better about eating healthier. I’ve been on a Klondike bar kick for way too long. During the first couple months of pandemic quarantine I was baking and eating breads, biscuits, cookies, brownies, cakes, etc....Neither Mike nor I need that stuff. He’s diabetic and I very much do not want to be diabetic. I need to stop blithering ranting about it and just do it. I also could pretty easily give up eating meat. I’ve had a couple periods in my life where I was a happy vegetarian. There are so many toxins and hormones and GMOs and pesticides in our food supplies. Annettes little dog had to be put down last week and end her suffering from kidney failure and bone loss mostly due to all the extra treats and meat she’d been giving her. Her kidneys failed and the calcium leeched out of her bones and jaw so she couldn’t eat or drink or pee. We are careful what we feed Bitzi. I need to be careful what I eat also. Those are my thought at 6:08 am on a Saturday as I sit one finger typing on my iPad in the front sitting room sipping my vita up coffee listening to Michael saw logs in the bedroom and the wall clock tick. I can see the glow of sunrise coming in the front window honeycomb blinds. 

Mike said he has about an hour of work to do this morning and then before noon we’re going to drive over to St.Charles ( about 30 miles southeast of Huntley where we live) and visit Annette. We’re takingBitzi with us. Annette is watching Bitzi for us next week Monday through Thursday while we’re in Lake Geneva. We’ll take Bitzi back down to her Monday morning. We were going to just put Bitzi in a kennel but Annette offered to watch her and since she just lost her little dog last week we said okay. Bitzi is five months old and is doing good but once in a while if I leave her roaming free in the house too long when she hasn’t been outside to pee she still will find a spot to pee on a rug so we’ve gone back to being more careful. She has a portable pen in the kitchen with her food, water, toys and a little dog bed teepee house. When I bring her inside after she’s gone pee I give her some free time to roam the house and play but I supervise her. Usually after 30 minutes or so I put her back in her pen and I take her outside to pee every hour or two. Maybe it’s me that’s trained! At night she sleeps in a smaller dog crate with a towel over it. She has never whined or whimpered at night. She almost never barks. She doesn’t shed. She’s easy to carry and give a bath. She’s pretty good mostly.

I don’t know if it’s ragweed pollen or what but I’ve been slightly wheeze-y the past week or so. I get this every year around this time. Generally when September gets here is when I come down with some full blown cold, sinus infection, bronchitis- BUT that’s usually after all the instrument testing at all the schools has begun so planning to avoid that this year. Yay! 

Now that it’s light out I’m going to go ride my bike around the lake path!

7:17 back from my ride. It’s much cooler out today. I had to stop and button my lightweight white short sleeved Columbia shirt over my sleeveless scoop neck yoga top so I wasn’t too uncomfortable. This was my first time riding around the lake path. It was very smooth and easy to ride on. There are benches every so often if you want to rest. I passed two old guys walking the path. It’s not a very big lake. 

8:18 I just took Bitzi for her first ride on the bike. I fastened her car seat in the back basket and clipped her leash to the car seat clip. She loved it! We rode around the neighborhood ringing the bike bell. Most everyone is still sleeping. 

Saturday, August 15

Wednesday, June 10

Chew bone

Mike is getting ready to go to physical therapy for his shoulders. He goes at 7am every Wednesday and Friday. It must be helping as I don't hear him complain of pain or grimace as much. I gathered the trash for trash day and took the puppy out. She only peed and when we came back inside she wasn't concerned much with eating and drinking after being in her cage all night. She's more concerned with exploring, chewing and playing. Bitzi now has a crate, portable platpen, car carrier, chicken chew ring, knitted chew bandana, stuffed dog chew toy, squeaky ball, squeaky bone, collars and leashes. It's unbelievable how many dog accessories we've suddenly acquired now. After nearly five years of not having a pet you forget how it adds up. 

Lola and Henna are still asleep. That's good. They stayed up until almost ten which is late for Henna. Lola has two other sisters and a brother at her dad and stepmoms house. She's bombarded by little kids in both her houses and expected to help with the little ones. Lola is really sharp and more mature for her age. I really missed these girls for those months when their mom( my oldest daughter Samantha) wasn't talking to anyone. Her excuse was her fibromyalgia and nerves but I suspect marital problems were a lot of it. She's been married to Bob, Hennessy's dad, for eight years. Bob is a construction worker. For the last year or so he's been working at a job in Evansville Indiana and coming home for the weekend once a month. A difficult arrangement for a woman I am sure.

It rained and stormed pretty good last night. The grass was wet as I walked around the house with Bitzi. It's hot and humid and the air is thick. I'm having to douse every exposed inch of my skin with mosquito repellant now as I'm some big juicy magnet that attracts them. It's miserable with itchy bites.  

The girls have been taking baths in my jacuzzi tub every night. Last night I took one after they were finished. It's really been getting a work out. I'm going to scrub it out today which is a chore to stretch and reach and scrub. It's good having kids in the house. They eat almost constantly and drag lots of stuff out to the living room. They're pretty good about cleaning up when I ask them. Next week the boys will be here. I haven't informed Mike yet. He's working during the day ( in the little back office) anyway and I'll be tending them. 

7:19 Mike has gone to therapy. I made the bed and tidied up a bit. The puppy is sleeping again although I let her out of her cage. 

My younger daughter said today her dads oncologist is supposed to call to let her know what time to bring him in to get his chemo port surgically installed. Gary wanted to go ahead with the chemo although his diagnosis is pretty bleak. Sarah is the one helping take care of him ( along with her 3 boys at home). Samantha has a pretty shakey relationship with her dad and realizes what a slimy SOB he's been. No matter, I'm trying to help Sarah and take the boys for a while next week. 

Sunday, June 7

Just jump in there and try

7:12 Sunday June 7
Lola (13) and Hennessy (6) are here staying the week. They rode home with me. I didn't feel very well Friday or Saturday. I had a swollen painful left knee that was difficult to walk on and also what seemed to be the start of a UTI. I felt pretty shitty when I got all the way home with the puppy and the girls yesterday. I iced my knee and wrapped it and propped it up. I chugged a TON of water for hours trying to flush away my UTI or whatever was going on. I feel a LOY better today. I've been icing my knee and drinking a lot.

Thursday, April 23


9:10 am 

It’s a misty hazy day. I went for a brisk walk early this morning in the damp air. It felt good to be out there alone. There are great walking paths here. I’m feeling good. I started my keto / intermittent fasting yesterday. Already I’m feeling better and my gut feels way better. I haven’t eaten anything since 6pm yesterday. I’m a little hungry and a bit lightheaded but nothing major. I am having black coffee ( normally I would add milk to it.) My goal is to fast 20 hours and eat one meal / snacks over four hours. Since I’m not going out for work or appointments this is the ideal time to do it.

My ex was supposed to have a CT scan yesterday but my daughter hasn’t gotten any news of results. I would think a biopsy would be in order to accurately diagnose the suspected lymphoma but I believe he’s going to some doctor in Havana which I’m guessing won’t exactly be top notch. Not my monkeys, not my circus..... but, still.

It’s very hazy outside as I look out the front window facing East. A lot of daffodils are up and tulips are just starting to bloom. 

Mike was just out here ( came out of the office hole) obsessing and semi ranting about money and said I’m going to learn about spending once my ( lower than my current salary) retirement checks kick in. I just looked at him like he’s an anteater and didn’t say anything. Uh, hello...I’m the one paying the house and car off, let’s not fucking forget that. I fully intend to get another job when this pandemic clusterfuck is over. He’s the one with the 35% salary cut who hasn’t bothered considering finding another job. I told him to shut up and walk away or I’d kick him in the balls. He laughed and went back to his office. Of all the fucking nerve. Kiss my ass. I’ve got skills and smarts and I’ll do just fine. 

Mike is in his office on a phone meeting with his high school sports editor on speaker phone. They’re both very loud and I can hear everything although I’m two rooms and a hall away. They’re talking about Trubisky. We’re going to order fish fry take out meals for dinner from Sammy’s Bar & Grill here in town. I’ll have the broiled cod, a salad and cole slaw to avoid carbs but I’m still looking forward to it. Mike should be doing keto too. He’s diabetic for heavens sake and starting to have problems ( pain and numbness) with his feet. No amount of nudging, reminding or nagging from me makes any difference. Every day I ask him to go walk with me and he will not so I just go alone. You can drag a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

I’ve been getting some occasional phishing scam emails in my comcast account the last month which I’ve just deleted and ignored. Yesterday and today I got two scary ones with some personal information and threats. Serious shit. WTF? I took the time and changed all my passwords. This is bullshit.


I’m doing laundry-2loads of colors, 2 loads of whites. I made some hard-boiled eggs, answered a couple school emails, took the recycling out, took my nail polish off. I just found out that Sammy’s only has their fish special on Friday’s ( Catholic crap) so will have to move that to tomorrow’s agenda🤗. It appears the sun is trying to come out now. I’m going to go practice for a while before the afternoon Zooms. 

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