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Saturday, January 11

Puttering around is good for the soul

It’s the middle of the afternoon on Saturday and so far we’ve just had an overcast gloomy day and a little misting of sleet. The media always predicts some ginormous arctic ass kicking end of the world ice age and usually it ends up being hardly anything. My husband is always so much more worried about weather than I am. That’s just his nature. I however enjoy the snow and winter. True I do not like shoveling or dealing with assholes who don’t know how to drive carefully in the snow and ice.

We went out this morning to a couple stores. I wore my Ugg boots and my long quilted coat and gloves. I could have gone on an arctic expedition in that get up. I’ve been doing laundry and cleaning. I put some chili in the crockpot and mixed up a peach cobbler and put it in the oven. It’s good to stay home and putter around and get caught up on things.

I still haven’t heard from my oldest daughter. I guess she’ll contact me when she’s good and ready. My texts and calls have gone unanswered so I’ve given up. I can be a big bitch too. At least my granddaughter has texted me. Sometimes you just have to let things work themselves out an no amount of worry will help. You have to give it to the universe and hope it heals over.

My husband has two bad shoulders that have gradually been getting worse the last couple years. He won’t go see a doctor. He had me get orthopedic surgeon recommendations from two of my friends who’ve had shoulder replacement surgery but he hasn’t done anything about it but complain. I guess he must not feel that bad....🙄. You can only do so much.
My mother would have been 91 today. She died in 93 of malignant melanoma. 

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