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Frozen yuck

We got a couple inches of snow and more is coming. It turned significantly colder yesterday. I have my tall Ugg boots on and am wearing my long quilted puffer coat. This too shall pass. Here goes..... 5:12 The drive to school this morning was unpleasant. Now that we live in Sun City Huntley it’s about 18 miles to work every day through hectic suburban traffic. I take I-90 East for 7 miles and then Randall Road to South Elgin. It was snowing, the roads were not cleared very well and Randall Road is busy hell under good conditions. I am not going to miss mornings like that when I’m retired. Mike’s sister Nancy has been staying with Annette ( their mom) since yesterday when they ( all four siblings) told her her lung biopsy came back stage four cancer. When they told her she was surprisingly calm about it. They made her an appointment with the oncologist and talked to her about what possible tests and treatments she might need. Later on in the evening when only Nancy was there with her sh