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Monday, May 4

You can’t always get what you want

9:43am There is no school today. I’m not even sure why. Mike is in the back office working. It’s much chillier and overcast out today. I’m in a bad mood. I know a walk will help but I haven’t gotten the will to do it yet. My mind feels like mush. A walk will help. It always does.
I’m wanting to go to stores but I don’t really need to. I want to go buy plants but really it’s still too early to put them out. You don’t know if it will get colder yet. I brought my many potted aloe Vera plants inside last night. They’re already mad at me for leaving them outside a couple weeks ago when it got cold. Now everybody ( of the plants) are going to stay inside until Memorial Day. About the time I’ll get my puppy!

I’m just feeling kind of glum like I could cry but not sure why. Mike is completely insensitive and oblivious to my feelings 99% of the time. He needs to be hit in the face with a hammer to notice. I’m sure I’m worse than him as I’m WAY too overly sensitive and thin skinned most of the time. He even has described himself ( and other have described him this way too) as a thick- skinned rhinoceros. He’s worked as a baseball ump many years and an editor so he’s used taking and giving shit. You might describe him as very firmly planted in his opinions and unwavering. Like a bulldog kinda. With a very big heart.

2:55 I still haven’t gone for a walk but I’ve gotten a lot done around the house inside and outside. I have laundry going right now. I made corn fritters and pasta salad earlier. I went to the store with Mike. 

The washing machine is whirring and spinning out my load of colored clothes. There is a bleached load of whites next. My mother-in-law is doing well with her cancer. She has one more immune therapy infusion next week and then she’ll get scans. She’s 81 and aside from saying she’s tired a lot she seems to be doing better and not as depressed. 

Jackson - 6 weeks 

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