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Costco coffee pods

7:47am I just ate the rest of my oatmeal that I made yesterday- old fashioned oats, crunchy peanut butter, mixed berries and cherries. Mike only likes plain oatmeal but I always doctor mine up, like I do with pancakes and waffles. I love crunchy peanut butter and drinking Costco Pacific Bold dark roast coffee pods. I get a big box once every couple months. It’s the most like Starbucks of the other pods I’ve tried. I go on phases where I prefer a milder roast coffee too but now I’m doing dark. I haven’t been drinking that much coffee lately. One or maybe two cups a day. It was at least double that when I was working. Now most days I can take my time getting up and around. Now due to TRS being overloaded and incompetent working remotely ( and most of the help line people being rude-ass bitches) now they’ve lost a few of the forms I sent them so I had to resend them so now it could be ninety days before I see a dime and thirty days or more after that to receive my lump sum! AND