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Saturday, September 19

Patience and love

10:20am Saturday

I just came back from a long walk with the dog. Its very brisk but sunny out there. Mike and I have been discussing and confirming details of the proposed kitchen remodel and new flooring installation. 
Yesterday I had two accidents in the kitchen: first I dropped brownie batter everywhere and in trying to clean it up dropped and shattered a glass loaf pan. I was crying and cursing as Mike worked in his back office unaware of the catastrophe. I cleaned it up with paper towels, brooms and a hand rush. Then I vacuumed and Swiffered thinking Ig gotten it at. This morning in the bright light with better eyesight Mike has found several more shards of glass and is vacuuming thoroughly again. That Pyrex pan just shattered in a million pieces. We don't need to step on one or have the dog try to eat one. Metal pans from now on. I am Mr. Bean.

We're going to a flooring store in a little while then to St. Charles to visit Mikes mom Annette. 

I took Bitzi on a bike ride and I’ve been doing some work in the kitchen. I just got information in the mail to sign up for my retirement dental and vision insurance program. For some reason I thought it was a part of the medical insurance package but upon investigation it is not. This whole retiring during the pandemic sucks. No reception, dinner, party, celebration. Practically no help or assistance from HR or TRS. It’s sink or swim bitches....

Sunday, September 13

Patience and grace

I’m on coffee number three and it’s 12:35. I’ve been out for a couple walks, gave the dog a bath and did some more closet organizing. Everything is aggravating me today.

Thursday, June 11

Chicken and dumplings

3:15pm Thursday 

I'm making chicken and dumplings. The broth with the chicken and vegetables is boiling. The dumpling dough is mixed up in a bowl and waiting to go into the hot liquid. I haven't made dumplings from scratch in a long time. I usually just use Bisquick for quick and easy dumplings so we'll see how these turn out. I've been trying to cook smaller amounts of things the last few months.

I'm kind of tired from taking the dog out and pulling / digging weeds. I drove the girls and the puppy to St.Charles this morning to visit Annette, Mike's mom. She was delighted to see us. She's doing surprisingly well considering her lung cancer immune therapy treatments. She's 81 but looks to be in her early 70s. 

3:52  Lola has a headache and feels fishy. She was in the sun at Annette's and then got some coffee chocolate Oreo cookie shake at Starbucks with the $10 that Annette gave her then heated up a bunch of chicken fried rice when we got home. She's in my bedroom in the recliner with the lights off and the shades drawn. I gave her Excedrins and took her temp ( normal) . She can lay in there in the dark watching TV and hopefully she'll feel better after while. Hennessy is in the living room near me in the sitting room zoned out to SpongeBob Squarepants. The utsnerap  myn osrewlof tp is sleeping in her cage. 

When I was down in Lewistown last week I went to the Walmart in Canton with the boys and got a few things including a bunch of red, white and blue artificial flowers. We drove out to the country to the Bethel Cemetery south of Canton way out in the boonies where the old strip mines used to be. I put flowers on my parents', younger sister's and uncle's graves and pulled weeds from around the headstones and talked to my parents quickly and quietly after I sent the boys back to the car. I talk to them a couple times a year when I'm able. It's for me. It makes me feel better. It holds me over for a couple months until I can get back there. 
I hate missing people I love and not being able to talk to them. 

6:04 The dumplings turned out good. I'm happy. Hennessy, six, is a very picky eater and mostly just wants to eats sweets. I don't argue or force them to eat anything but she won't be getting ice cream later. The dog is sleeping in her crate. I'm going out to my garden plot early in the morning and not tonight. I'm too tired. If I was here alone I'd probably take a nice hot bath and lay down and cry. There are too many things going on that worry me. At some point I'm going to need to let it go and cry. I rarely ever allow myself to cry anymore. Crying is like a release and washing of the heart. 

Mikes shoulders are getting better. He's starting to be able to reach back again. Baby steps. 

The girls are quiet now for the time being. I wish I could just take a big sponge and wash everything down so the world would be okay. 

My roses, lilies and other flowers are blooming. 

Tuesday, December 31

Good old country comfort

It’s a hazy, overcast morning. There’s snow on the ground but the wind isn’t blowing like it was last night. Mike is getting ready to leave for work. He wakes up slowly. I stay out of his way and don’t mess around with him. Any other time I tease him and mess with him but not in the morning. It’s just not productive.

Something is going on with my left eye. Yesterday afternoon it started watering and itching and feeling funny. I thought the was a hair or lash in my eye. It hurt a little and the lower lid looked swollen. That’s the one that had the detached retina. Both eyes are damaged from the lymphoma tumors. During the night I woke up twice with the left eye matted shut with goo. This morning I washed it out and used some steroid eye drops I had. It feels better now but it’s still not back to normal. It’s always something. It’s like my body is a used car with 300,000 miles on all original equipment. Stuff is going to break down and need fixed or duct taped to hold it together. A lot of people around my age have been having joint replacement surgeries. Amazing what they can do now!

We have an inch or two of snow on the ground. Not a big deal. Mike has announced several times he’s going out to shovel in a few minutes. Okay....

My head feels kind of weird. I guess it’s my sinuses and the dry air from the heat being on. Who know? It’s not always the boogey man. I’m on coffee number two. 


I just went out and helped Mike shovel. He’s still out there because he’s OCD. The driveway is clear, it’s all melting and we both have 4WD vehicles. Good enough is good enough. I just walk away when he starts getting OCD cranked up like his mother. And she drives him nuts with it!

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