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Sunday, September 20

What’s it all about?


I’ve gone for two big walks today. It’s sunny, fresh and brisk. We’re going over to visit Annette and  may leave Bitzi to stay with her for a day or two. She’s been pretty depressed lately and missing her little dog that died. Mike and his siblings need to get their mom another dog. 

Later, in the evening
The visit to Annette’s was cut short and we left abruptly. Under normal circumstances she’s a very nit picky fussy bossy person. She just is and I can only take so much. Today she started getting nasty, defensive and insulting so Mike just stood up and said we were leaving. I’m wondering if she’s developing Alzheimer’s......We’re not helping her get another dog, evidently that’s already covered. We had talked about taking her to northern Wisconsin for a few days to visit relatives. On the way home yesterday I told Mike that’s too long of a ride up there trapped in the car with her and I’m not going. I can only be so nice for so long. She’s not my mother. My mother is long dead. 

Saturday, February 1

You always hurt the one you love

So now we’re going out to buy a new big TV. The old one stopped working two weeks ago. This has been a giant pain in the ass the last two weeks.

We ended up buying a 65” Sony 4K at Costco.

We’re supposed to go to Brian & Michelle’s 30th anniversary party tonight. I’m not feeling well and didn’t sleep last night. I still have this tickle cough in my bronchial tubes. I just used my nebulizer. 

Hello darkness my old friend

It’s 5:55 and I’ve been up for forty minutes. I’ll leave here shortly to drive the mile to our lodge to use the pool and workout. I didn’t g...