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Sunday, May 10

Dias de Madre

9:56am Sunday

I slept late this morning. Mike made me breakfast (he  almost never ever cooks). He made scrambled eggs with cheese, he heated up and gave me half a “ Supreme” brand tamale on my plate and toasted a piece of my homemade jalapeƱo- cheese bread and brought it to me in my reading area in the sitting room. Very nice. He knew I was pissed off at him last night. I didn’t say a word and just left him sitting alone for hours. He almost never apologizes. I do think sometimes he’s sorry he acts like an asshole big-mouthEd Fred Flintstone type but very very rarely actually utters an apology. I think it’s a man thing. It was the same type of deal with the first one ( admittedly MUCH much worse) but still unable to apologize or accept fault. At this point Mike and I are mostly just good friends and roommates and sometimes you just get sick of one another and need a break. I still can’t believe what an asshole ogre he was last night. I just don’t say anything because it’s no use. He doesn’t listen and always deflects it and ping pongs it back at me. Why bother to try after all this time?

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