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Thursday, August 6

Another early waking

5:44 another early day. I’ve, again, been awake for some time and just decided to get up. I’ve had a very faint mild tickle cough the past few days and feel slightly congested in my upper bronchial area and I’m wheezing softly a bit and squeaking in my exhale. I’m sure it’s the weather and pollen. I’ve been so clear for months, thankfully.
Since I got the missed call and voicemail from the derm’s office last night I’ve had all these thoughts and fears going through my head, mostly from memories of watching my mother die a slow agonizing death from melanoma. I can’t ever forget that. The last full body skin scan I had was five years ago after Mike had his skin cancer diagnosed and then removed and the plastic surgery on his face. He’s been okay ever since and just went for another skin scan last month that was fine which reminded me I needed to get one. Since my previous scan I went to the Bahamas and Hawaii and have been working outside a lot more. I always wear a hat and sunglasses but frequently go sleeveless with a scoop neck top and shorts. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re still not out to get you. 

Everyone’s still asleep. I’m sitting on the far end of the living room on the loveseat by the back window. Lola is sleeping on the sofa bed in the adjacent front sitting room behind an antique six-panel
Oriental screen room divider I had folded up in the closet. Our former neighbor Bob ( deceased about ten years now) gave it to us. He had a couple of them in his basement. It’s very pretty and lavishly embroidered on each panel. It’s handy creating a little sleeping area for Lola. The boys are camped out in the second bedroom. Our master bedroom closet is HUGE so Hennessy’s made that into her private little bedroom with pads, quilts and pillows. MUCH better than the first couple nights with the three kids all in that small bedroom. We leave the closer door cracked open for Hennessy and a nightlight just outside the door.
My sister Sallie texted me yesterday that our handicapped sister Vicki, now at her group home and out of the hospital again for the third time in a month was again spitting up and gagging. They were  putting her on bland liquids but didn’t take her back to the hospital. They’ve run all sorts of tests on her at OSF hospital in Peoria. I wonder if she’s developed some new food allergy or something. Since she’s mentally like a 2-3 year old she can’t tell you a lot of specifics on how she’s feeling. She’ll be 70 years old in a couple weeks.

I can hear Lola rustling around on the sofa bed. I’m trying to be quiet over hear. The window over there by her faces East and only has a cream-colored shade on it so the sunrise is filtering in. 

With this whole pandemic / quarantine/ retiring thing I feel disoriented frequently on what day it is or even what month it is. It doesn’t seem like August but I don’t really know what it seems like. Mike & my twenty-first anniversary is tomorrow. He has to work of course. We may do something special next week when the kids aren’t here. I’m going  to make fish & shrimp tacos and an orange jello cake. I haven’t gotten him anything ( he hates gifts) or gotten or even made a card. Once this pandemic is over and we feel safe we’ll take a good vacation. Maybe another cruise on Pride of America the goes to several Hawaiian islands. When we went in 2018 we couldn’t go to the big island because the volcano was erupting. I’d really like to go to the big island to Hilo and Kona and volcano national park and some orchid farms. Some day....

3:45pm. Sallie texted me this morning. Vicki is worse with abdominal pains, weakness, lethargy, barely talking. She’s seeing a new gastroenterologist in the morning. This is bullshit that she’s been in the hospital three times in the last month, had all kinds of tests run and still no better. I’m taking the kids home to Canton tomorrow and will go see Vicki if possible. 

This morning I took the kids to the park and the boys caught a bunch of fish again. When we came back home after a little while the boys and Lola got in to a fight and were slamming doors. I went to break it up and Milo mouthed off to me in a disrespectful way so I had a come to Jesus meeting with him. Then I told Mike and Mike took him in to his office and talked to him for a long time. Milo came out and apologized and hugged me and started crying. He knows how to be polite he’s just been forgetting lately.....
I’m tired.

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