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Saturday, November 28

Unpacking Christmas

8:07 am Saturday

The sun is shining but it’s still brisk out there. I just took Bitzi for a walk to the top of the hill park across the street. Mikes Tahoe on our driveway was covered in frost. I wore my Willy pile jacket, gloves, furry hat and neck warmer. Bitzi wore her pink sparkle sweater. Bitzi has a grooming appointment at 12:30 and then we’re going over to my MIL’s in St. Charles.

We had a simple quiet Thanksgiving. The roasted chicken was good. I boiled the chicken carcass yesterday and deboned it and put the broth and meat in two containers for the freezer. We cleaned up the garage yesterday and got out the Christmas decorations. I decided we would just go with our little tabletop tree this year. We gave our bigger tree and a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. We’re getting the kitchen cabinets painted this week and other work done in the kitchen. Then we’re getting new floors put in so didn’t want a bunch of Christmas stuff put up to have to move. We just have a small house now. Today I need to go through two more bags of Christmas lights and see which ones work and put them up outside. I LOVE my new white quartz kitchen counters! It makes a huge difference for my low vision. I know it sounds silly but I’m filled with such joy getting that done. 

There are two new grand babies on the way. That will make nine. Life has a way of going forward despite pandemics and political unrest and an overall shitty year. I guess there is always hope and beauty in life if you notice it. I’m supposed to sub for a music teacher on maternity leave in D300 but their HR has not gotten back to me after I went in to fingerprint. I’m sure it’s the Covid and Thanksgiving delay. I don’t really even want to do it now. I’m that apathetic. I’m enjoying staying home and numerous daily walks. 

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