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Thursday, February 25

Ten tricks to stay positive

Now in February 2021 the world has been living with, fighting, learning about and worrying over Covid-19. I keep reading all the stories of students in emotional crisis failing at school, the large increase in depression and drug use. Many people  are feeling frustrated and hopeless as the months wear on, with no end or return to normal in sight. 

Because of my abusive first marriage and cancer experiences I’ve learned what helps me to fight off depression. During my cancer treatment I was on antidepressants for several months and saw a counselor for many years. Now I can recognize the signs and symptoms in myself that depression is starting to creep in and I have a bag of tricks I use to stay out of the mood ditch. Here are ten of my favorite go-to tools:
  1. Walk away from whatever it is that’s triggering you. Get your shoes on ( I LOVE my Skechers Go Walk shoes) and take a thirty or more minute brisk walk. Breathe deeply and pump your arms as you take long strides. If you go fast enough the boogie man won’t catch you. Walking outside in nature works best for me but you can go walk through Costco or a mall too! I usually go walk outside with my little ShihTzu puppy, Bitzi, with my disco fever playlist playing through my adorable little EWA Bluetooth speaker. It has great sounds and the quick tempo disco tunes keep me going and raise my spirits. 
  2. Water helps wash away my anxiety. I feel like it cleanses my soul. I like water aerobics or swimming or just floating. I also love a nice hot rejuvenating bath. ( Give yourself a fabulous spa treatment!) Water really works for me and it probably will help you as well.
  3. It helps me a lot to read ( often out loud to myself) Buddha quotes and other positive affirmations. Sometimes I print them out and stick them up to continually remind me of good thoughts that will heighten my spirits.
  4. Plan something special to do. Go visit a friend or a relative. Cook a special recipe. Write long letters. Plan to give yourself a pedicure or new hair style. Shake things up and dust off your sedentary glumness. Make plans for something different!
  5. Talk it out. Call up your oldest, best, truest heart-to- heart friend and just spill your guts. Catch up on what’s going on, vent, cry, laugh and just rebound with an old friend. It’s very restorative after all these months of trying to quarantine. Just DO IT. You’ll be so glad you did. 
  6. When I’m feeling blue being around animals really helps me feel better. Walking a dog, playing with a cat, brushing a horse, holding a chicken - any of those will work.
  7. One of my favorite things to do is take a nice long drive by myself and sing some of my favorite songs. It feels very relaxing and therapeutic. A lot of the old songs bring back so many wonderful memories. 
  8. Make a list of all the good blessings in your life. Carry it with you and take it out and read it often.
  9. Make a list of the things you will accomplish today, tomorrow, next week, next month. Check them off when they’re completed. 
  10. Each  day I look up at the sky and thank the great creator for my  life.I’m still here and alive after all these years and a few near-death experiences. . Usually I do my thanking floating on my back in the pool but you can do it anywhere. This one really helps uplift my spirit! 
  11. Okay I said I’d give you ten but I also thought of something that’s very important to me. If I’m mindful of what I eat and drink I feel better. I honestly am a stress eater and tend to binge on carbs & junk food when I’m feeling sad but that only makes me feel worse ultimately. It raises your blood sugar and can cause you to bloat, feel guilty and maybe even worse. Try to think of food as fuel and not comfort or a sedative. Eat healthy and you’ll feel better. Get some good nutritious food in you.
Despite these coping tools I have I still having be on guard and try to keep my protective bubble. The last several months there has been a lot of drama going on in my family. Adding that in with the election, the insurrection, the quarantine and rising Covid-19 numbers and all the dreadful news it has been hard staying on the rails. You just have to try to get up every day and find whatever good you can. 

Monday, February 22

Monday 4:56 am

It’s very early morning. I woke up due to Mike snoring and couldn’t get back to sleep. There are so many things to think and worry about. I just read that we’ve reached 500,000 Covid-19 deaths in the US ( Reuters)and Dr. Fauci said the pandemic may continue into 2022(People). Pretty depressing news. No wonder there are so many people with anxiety and depression. This is day two of me trying to snap out of it and get back on track with my eating and exercise. Due to what’s going on with the kids and the funeral Friday I’ll need to keep myself on a short leash emotionally and focus on positives. It may sound weird but that’s my plan. I’m going to the pool this morning early, have shopping to do and will take several walks. Mike is swamped with work and busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest so I can’t depend on him for comfort or to vent to. He’s not very warm and fuzzy like that anyway. He always insists I quit being a wuss. He’s right, of course. 

I’m drinking my coffee, trying to wake up. I’m only eating between noon and 6pm and then limited carbs. My gut feels better on this system. I have more energy and focus. I started getting off track in January a little here and there but then it snowballed and I was eating bullshit again so now am getting back on my better habits. Food is medicine to fuel and heal your body. I am lucky to still be alive. I have to take care of my body the best I can. I cannot let my emotions sabotage my health. I have a crazy amount of sub jobs available to me. Most of the area schools are back to in-person or hybrid learning. There were twenty-four available jobs for today. I’m not accepting any in person sub jobs until two weeks after I’ve had the second vaccine. March 9 would be the earliest date I could have it but I haven’t gotten an email yet to schedule it. Mike got his five days after me and they already set his second vaccine appointment. He got his here at Sun City and got the Pfizer. It got the Moderna through my school district, so still waiting to schedule my second dose. 

Besides the stage four colon cancer, my ex husband also had a couple serious blood clots the doctors were concerned about. One by his heart and one in his leg. Supposedly he’d been doing better with his chemo treatments, gained a bit of weight back, more energy and doing better. The night before he died he fell on the ice when he got home from the sale barn and told his mother and our son he was just tired and wanted to go to bed. The next morning he got up and got dressed to go to the sale barn and just fell over on his bed and died. My son found him a couple hours after he died. I bet one of those clots got him. My kids are all now dealing with all this stuff. He had cattle in Missouri and Nebraska and locally. What a huge mess. You just never know. Life is short and you should never assume you have another day. I need to be as loving, giving, joyful and grateful as I can be every single day for the rest of my life.



Monday, February 15

Fighting off gloom and depression

This is a typical shitty cold overcast bucket of suck February day. I was up in the night coughing because my sinuses were draining despite my foam wedge pillow. I got up and took a Benadryl, used Flonase and read on my iPad for a while. I canceled my 6:30am pool appointment and turned off my 5:15 rooster crow alarm. I slept until 7:30 and now feeling okay. I took Bitzi for a short walk but it’s too bitterly cold outside for her. I rescheduled my pool time for 12:15. Mike is in election hell now and preparing to do all his Zoom candidate interviews. He has to record them all they’ll be published on the newspaper website. He is not happy. 



I had my pool time, drove to Discount Tires in Carpentersville and got air in my tires, drove to Algonquin Kohl’s to return two Amazon items and came home. Damn it’s cold! I made some chicken noodle soup and that’s about it. 

Friday, February 12

Things are getting better

I have to make myself flip on the hopeful-grateful-faithful switch a lot these days because my default settings keep going to worry, anxiety, dread and expecting the worst to happen. I have to mentally kick my own ass and tell myself to snap out of it. Yes I’ve had many awful things happen in my life. No that doesn’t mean they’re going to keep happening nor should I dwell on them and let them ruin the rest of my life. I am steering this boat. I decide how I will feel every single day. I decide how I will respond to people, events, situations.

It’s very early morning and I’m going to the pool in a little bit. It helps restore me. I signed up for a  Zoom class on the life of Eleanor Roosevelt from 10-11:30 today. I’ve read that she was a very strong, kind and inspiring woman. Hopefully that will be good and interesting.

Michael has so much going on with his job now with his regular overload plus all the endorsement interview crap that’s been dumped on him I feel really sorry for him. He just zones out at night. While we’re sitting on the couch watching TV at night he’s getting texts from reporters and front pages to approve. There’s no escape. Only he can decide when it’s time to retire. I think he’s waiting for the next buy-out offers to come around but I could be mistaken. 

I took Bitzi to the lodge to walk with hopes of her doing her business but they have covered all the sidewalks with salt and that hurts her little feet. And it’s snowing again! I brought her home and tried to get her to go in the front yard but no luck so finally brought her in, washed the salt off her feet and put her in her pen in the kitchen. I have a fitness appointment after lunch to use the weight machines at Meadowview Lodge.

I’m aggravated at something. I can’t let it get to me. I have my health. I have my family and a small circle of friends. I have enough in my circle. Nothing can rattle me. I am grateful. I am blessed. 

Thursday, February 11

Getting back on the horse

5:46 am This is the first morning in a while that I haven’t canceled my 6:30 pool time. I’m drinking my coffee and read my news and trying to come awake......In a little while I’ll go change into my swimsuit and put my easy stretchy pants over it and go to the pool to exercise. I haven’t been in about a week because of the bitter cold, going for the vaccine and yesterday my arm was sore but now I’m getting back to it. I’ve been eating more carbs lately because of the cold Weather I guess so I’m going to shift back to lower carbs. My gut feels better with fewer carbs. Or just not overly- processed junk carbs. 

I watched a bunch of the impeachment trial. Even at this point it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that most of the Republicans will not vote to convict Trump of inciting the insurrection. It’s plain as day. What a gutless bunch of assholes. He is such a big boogieman that they’re afraid to cross him and his cult. Total horseshit. 

Mike is still sleeping. Bitzi is sleeping. Mike is getting his first Covid vaccine ( the Pfizer one) on Friday morning here at our main lodge in Sun City. The last two weeks they’ve been doing the 75+ people but now they’re scheduling others 55+ with underlying health issues. Mike has type 2 diabetes and asthma. They also already made his second vaccine appointment. The update on the availability of these to us came AFTER I already got the Moderna vaccine in Elgin through my old school district. I’m still waiting for the email link to schedule my second dose. The Pfizer vaccine has a 21-day wait. Moderna 28 days so I should get my second one around March 9 and they say about two weeks after that for the full immune effect.

8:04 I had a great refreshing workout in the pool! I feel good now. I hate dragging out of bed so early when it’s dark but I always feel better after I go. At the end of my workout I always stand in the middle of my lane, look up at the skylight and silently thank God for all my blessings. It rejuvenates me.

This morning Sun City has a free Valentine Goody drive-thru giveaway. Usually they have one once a month themed to different holidays. I tried to go to one last year but the line of cars was shockingly long so I didn’t do it. I’m going to try it this morning. I’m taking Bitzi with me so I can take her for a walk at the lodge afterward. 

Sunday, February 7

The world getting vaccinated

It’s daybreak and I’m facing the East window in the front room watching the soft blurred pink and blue muted colors of dawn breaking. I love this special silent fresh time. I made a pot of too-strong coffee. I grabbed a new kind at Aldi the other day. It’s even a bit strong for me. Mike won’t drink it. It’s too strong and bitter for him. The past couple bags have been milder Dunkin Donuts blend for him. 
My braided trunk money tree is dying. Most of the leaves turned yellow brown and fell off. It was doing fine on the porch all summer. Things got bad when I brought it inside at the end of summer and put it in the bedroom by the window. I don’t know if it got drafts from the window, too much heat from the vent, too much water. I pulled the roots out of the soil yesterday to see if they were rotting but I couldn’t tell. It’s just too cold in the garage right now to do a messy repotting. I put some baking soda in the pot soil and mixed it around and cut off all the dead parts. I moved it out to the front entry area where it was when I first bought it. That’s all I can do so now it’s swim or sink bitch. I hate when my plants die. 

I kept waking up in the night thinking about this possible sub job I’m considering taking at an elementary school in Elgin. It’s a cross categorical resource teacher for 58 days from March 1 until June 3. I like getting used to a place and having time to get comfortable. I don’t like not being home for the puppy or being able to do my swim appointments. I do like making money, feeling productive, having something to do. On the other hand I don’t like having something to do. If I took it I’d have one vaccine in me and get the second one the week I’d start so I’d feel more protected. Mike said I could just sub here for Huntley district but I’m not familiar with any of their schools. I have worked in most all of the U-46 schools over the years. I’m still not sure and still mulling it over. Plus Huntley wasn’t giving vaccines to the subs and district 300 that I’ve also subbed for put the subs behind everyone else and will only vaccinate subs if there are any leftovers. My old school district contacted me right away about getting my vaccine along with everyone else. I feel more loyal to them. I know that’s probably silly but that’s how I feel.

I have a bunch of Amazon returns to drop off at Kohl’s this morning. I need to quit shopping and doing “ retail therapy” - another reason to take the long sub job! Keep me off the Amazon app....
So I drove the five miles to Algonquin Kohl’s and returned my eight Amazon items for refund. Good to get that done. Bitzi has been outside several times this morning and WILL NOT PEE. It IS super freezing cold. I’m going to go try again.
Okay we walked about a block and she peed but was shivering so I started to walk back but she wouldn’t move and just stood there shivering like she was freezing to death so I scooped her up and wrapped my arms around her and carried her back inside. Poor little thing.

Friday, February 5

My dislike of February

In general I like winter. I like the nip in the air, the graceful dusting of snow making everything seem magical, I like Christmas trees glowing with lights, I like presents, I like family get together and special foods of the season, I like sweaters and soft cozy scarves and mittens. I just do not like February. It’s usually mostly overcast and comes with bitter winds and ice and a stupid groundhog holiday. I do not like it at all. I vow I will be somewhere much warmer and greener next February. As God is my witness I shall. (Ala Scarlett O’Hara......)

It’s super frigid outside and there is a shitload of snow and ice on the ground and the puppy has pooped inside TWICE today. She doesn’t like to do her business outside when it’s freezing like I have been on poop watch alert all day. I’ve taken her out a couple times. I tried taking her for a walk at the lodge earlier (usually it tends to be cleared off over there better and you can actually walk on the sidewalks) BUT they’re now giving he vaccine to all the Sun City residents 75 and older so it was a mob scene at the lodge this morning and most all the parking spots were filled. Once I did manage to park way at the end and started walking Bitzi there were all these old people coming in walkers and wheelchairs and Bitzi gets excited and was trying to jump at them and get tangled up with her leash so I tried to walk away from them quickly but ultimately I decided it was just too bitterly cold for my little baby and carried her all the way back down the parking lot to my car. I’ve taken her outside a couple times today for a few minutes each. 

It’s 3pm and Mike is on his last Zoom meeting of the week. He hasn’t quit yet. I think he’s probably waiting for the next buy-out offer to come along. So he’s still plodding away. I’ve been thinking about doing the coursework to get certified as a medical coder biller. They make pretty good money any I could do it all remotely. I have a friend in Canton who does coding for a hospital in Florida. It sounds like a good gig so I am investigating that. 

I got more news about the vaccine roll out from one of the nearby districts I sub for but evidently the daily subs are all the back of the list behind full time teachers, full time building subs and long term whatever. I am hoping I can get lucky in the next couple weeks and get a vaccine. It’s hard to be patient. My daughter is going back to work at a care residence for profoundly physically and mentally disable children so she got her vaccine #1 today. She had been working for her dad but that turned in to a shitstorm ( I knew it surely would......) so now she isn’t working for that bastard any more. 

Some of the blogs I read are so aggravating because there are so many frigging ads, pop-ups and links that take you zooming to somewhere else you didn’t intend to go to and you can’t manage to get to the meat of the article you wanted to read that you were lured into clicking on the title because It teased something that you were actually interested in. I HATE THAT SHIT. I just want to read an article that has good useful content not a bunch of drawn out malarkey and advertising. I know, I know that’s how they make money but doesn’t it defeat the purpose of writing it in the first place if the reader has to go on a fishing expedition just to get to discover they content isn’t really what you proposed it was in the title in the first place? Isn’t that kind of shameless? I thin it is. There are tons of links like that on Pinterest- you think you’ve found something really good and worthwhile but then when you click to read it it’s bullshit. I hate that. 

I canceled my 6:30 pool appointment today. I just felt there was no way I was going over there this morning in the dark in the frozen sub-zero bullshit. Also we didn’t clean the drive off last night so it was still there this morning. So last night I canceled my pool appointment, turned my 5:15 rooster crow alarm off and just snuggled up under the covers. We woke up this morning shortly after 7 and I made coffee and we both went out and cleared off the driveway and sidewalks and shoveled a little area for Bitzi (but she still didn’t want to use it). Mike uses the snowblower and I shovel. I have a big long quilted crazy warm hooded coat and Ugg boots so I’m fine. I figure shoveling is good exercise and my shoulders aren’t all screwed up like Mike’s. It’s not even so much the snow I don’t like. It’s the prolonged overcast days and the ice that I don’t like. Snow is okay by itself. 

Wednesday, February 3

The waiting is the hardest part

I have resolved to try my best and stay home and avoid crowds and wear my mask and keep my distance and wash my hands a lot more but I’m really sick of this. I feel bad I’m not working but I feel glad too. Is that weird?

I’ve been going to the pool at 6:30 and exercising everyday and I take Bitzi for at least two  walks every day. That’s helping me sleep at night and not get overrun with anxiety and worry. There’s just SO much stuff going on in the world and with family. It will all work itself out eventually. I’ve been stashing away flower seeds for months and dreaming of spring. 

Monday, February 1

Water therapy

5:53am I have 6:30 pool appointments today and the rest of the week. Im drinking coffee and will go put my swimsuit on under my clothes in a few minutes. I go in the lodge, scan my card, walk clear over to the pool area, scan my car again, get my temp taken, go into the locker area, strip, go to the pool, exercise fast & furious, leave before the session ends, dress and come home. I miss the big luxurious hot tub and steam sauna but it is what it is. 
I tried having a talk with Mike last night. It didn’t go well. As usual he immediately got defensive and loud so I just got up and went in the other room and cried. Later he was trying to be all kissy kissy without apologizing or addressing the issue like always. A leopard doesn’t change his spots. I’m just not going to try anymore. I’m just going to take care of my own sanity and health and happiness. This train is leaving the station. 

Monday, January 25

Early morning rising

It’s 5:49 am. I have 6:30 pool exercise sessions all week . I went at 6:30 Friday and it was great. There were only three of us in the pool and the other two people were in the far lanes on the other side lap swimming. I do a vigorous 35-40 minutes of water aerobics with my foam dumbbells and then leave. Fast and furious.
We’re supposed to get a snowstorm later today and tonight. I’ll get a couple walks in with Bitzi later before the snow comes.

11:45 I did my pool time. There were three other old men swimming laps with snorkels! It was a good workout and nobody bothered me.
I took my vaporizer back to Kohls for the Amazon return. The water tank leaked!
I walked two miles with Bitzi and it’s getting overcast and colder. I’m going to walk her a couple more times before dark.

Out of the pool. A bit damp and chilled.

3:05 Mike just took a break from his work to duck into his bathroom to discover Bitzi had been in there and had a poop accident so he came screaming out of there and went to my bathroom so I cleaned it up and put fresh rugs in there and put Bitzi in her pen in the kitchen. I’m not sure what the problem is. She pooped when I took her for a walk earlier so she usually only goes once a day. 

Friday, January 22

Same old same old

4:47 pm

I got up early this morning and went for a 6:30 pool time. I’ve also taken Bitzi for two long walks. Mike is working late tonight, as Hank Aaron died ( among other stories) and he’s the sports editor. Stupid sports. Just games.....

I’m super sore in my leg and butt muscles from the last couple days. Moving is painful. I’ve done some hard workouts in the pool and walked a lot the past few days. I’m sitting on the big living room couch with my feet propped up on the hassock with a blanket on my lap. Bitzi is splayed out on the rug by the back door exhausted from our walks and running in the house to play fetch ( about a hundred times so far...)

Saturday, October 3

Very nippy

I made some old fashioned oats with cinnamon, berries and honey. Pretty good but I like it with crunchy peanut butter in it better.

I took the dog outside about 30 minutes ago but there were too many distractions and she wouldn’t pee. It’s really cold out there and I was surprised to see so many people out on the sidewalks walking their dogs. I didn’t stay out with her very long. I haven’t been feeling good the last several days. My knee is acting up again and my neck and back have been hurting and I’ve been tired and wheezing a little with some occasional pain in my left lung. This morning I kind of feel like I’m coming down with a cold. I’m going to hunker down and take it easy. It’s cold enough outside I could have used a second jacket and gloves. I just changed out of my footie socks to tall wool socks and put gel insoles in my Skechers. It’s hell to get old. Mike was up quite a bit during the night with his left shoulder pain. 

10:04 I took Bitzi for another long walk up the steep hill of the park path across the street. It hasn’t warmed up since earlier this morning. I still needed gloves. Cliff is here-Mike’s longtime friend who is a professional carpenter / handyman. He just got home yesterday from a big job in Utah. We’re having him do a bunch of stuff to our house. We’re on the edge of getting a lot of things done around here. 

Thursday, October 1

Won’t you take me to Funky Town?

6:59am Friday October 2
I’m chilly. We haven’t turned the heat on yet but I’m about ready. I’m sitting here with a hoodie over a cami, long pants, wool socks and Skechers on and I’m still chilly. I’m trying to drink my first cup of coffee. Mike came in to our bedroom an hour or more ago and woke me up saying Trump and Melania have tested positive for Covid-19 and how he’d been watching the news and it’s the story of the year. I thought he wanted / needed to talk about it so I got up and went in my bathroom and got dressed to find him buried down under the covers sound asleep and snoring. now I’m wide awake. Yes evidently POTUS and FLOTUS tested positive and they’re quarantining. Not much more to read. Is anyone surprised?  WhoopTfuckin doo 

I took Bitzi out for her morning walk and talked to Sue our neighbor with her little white Maltese Roxy. I came home and took a bunch of stuff out to the recycling bin in the garage and sorted laundry and made waffles and scrambled eggs. I defrosted some mixed berries for the waffles. It’s sunny damp and brisk out there. At 7am on the dot the landscapers came to mow and trim. There isn’t much to do now as everything’s going dormant. They were done and gone in ten minutes.

This is not our kitchen. Ours is much smaller but this is the look I’m going for with the kitchen makeover.

Wednesday, September 23

Things that bug me

I’m sitting at the kitchen table typing on my little keyboard that doesn’t fit my iPad quite right. It’s too big and loose to hold the iPad correctly so I have a piece of double-stick nano tape on the back to hold it in place but it’s not working very well and the iPad slides off the track every little while. I may have it stuck on there well enough now......we shall see. It’s the nit picky little annoying things that drive me crazy and there have been tons of those lately. The millisecond my retirement was final the district terminated my email, my ID, all my district accounts and all that crap. Fine. NO ONE told me that if I wanted to have the option to sub I needed to notify them within 30 days so much stuff would carry over. So a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to have the OPTION to perhaps sub if I wanted to. I had to APPLY to the district which was a pain in the ass bunch of bullshit on its own. THEN once I was hired I have had to go through an enormous bunch of bullshit. And since I no longer had my district email much of the stuff they were sending me got caught in my spam junk folders. Now I think I have most of my stuff restored BUT my ability to log in to sub finder still won’t work. I’ve reset my log on numerous times and it won’t work for some f-ing reason so I had to contact Human Resources and now they’re working on it.......PLUS there was some colossal f up with my forms I submitted to TRS so that’s been a huge Mongolian clusterfeck to correct and resubmit. Still that shit isn’t all done. So many stupid aggravating things. I am not a patient person. I want my stuff done right and I want it now. 

I took Bitzi for a long walk and then continued having to deal with tedious calls, being put on hold and nuisance business emails. Later I have to meet another neighborhood rep at our community restaurant about a possible neighborhood 3 Christmas party luncheon. It would be limited to only 50 people ( there are 278 people in neighborhood 3...) and I can’t really see it happening but oh well....

Friday, September 18

Take it to the limit

I’ve made it to Friday without too much trouble. It’s noticeably chilly today and there’s a frost warning for tonight. I sprayed all my potted plants outside that I want to bring inside and washed off all my little folding patio tables with the hose and all the plant bottom trays and let them dry and then I brought them all inside. Two were beastly heavy. I set the tables up by my bedroom windows and put most of the plants in there. The biggest crazy heavy tree is still sitting in the kitchen by the sliding door. At least I got it in the door and on a rug so it’s slightly easier to move.i was puffing and panting so badly after that. Earlier this morning I took Bitzi on a nice long brisk walk. 

I just drug the big heavy tree pot into the living room by the window. I’m exhausted and panting like I just gave birth. 

Friday, September 11

Soggy Bottom Boys

9:40M.  I’ve been on the phone trying to use my leftover flex spending account money on a bill. I should have had the brains to pay it before my insurance terminated with the school district. Now I have to fight to get it. I called HR but of course got a voicemail. I hate this bullshit!

I took Bitzi outside this morning and the ground is SO wet and soggy and squishy. It must have rained all night.

I have to go get my drivers license renewed AND take a vision test so I’m nervous about that. I’m positive my left eye won’t pass but you only need ONE to pass. On a good day my right eye might pass. Once I do that successfully I’ll have a big feeling of relief.

I’m going to try on all my clothes and clean out my closets and drawers, bring out my fall& winter stuff, put away summer stuff, clean up my bathroom and take stuff to Goodwill.

I split and repotted my new cacti yesterday. 


2:42pm. I’ve taken Bitzi Lu on two big walks today in this overcast wet gloom. I went through all my drawers and the big master closet and put my spring summer stuff away and brought out the fall winter stuff and organized the monster closet. I took 2 trash bags of clothes to Goodwill earlier but now have two more bags of old bedding stuff that also needs to go. In our two bedroom house without a basement I need to keep up on things and continually purge and reorganize things. I’m sweating a cold pasty sweat from all that work and stepping up and down off the step stool and reaching and carrying.

Thursday, September 10

Breathe deep the gathering gloom

8:40am I’ve been up about an hour. I slept like a slab of cement all night. When I woke up Mike was already up and had taken out the trash and recycling, cleaned up the kitchen,  taken Bitzi outside, fed and watered her and made my coffee. How sweet of him. I made pancakes for us For breakfast. He’s in the shower now getting ready to start work. Most mornings I get up, have my coffee and read his paper The Daily Herald Daily Herald and share a bunch of stories on social media. I try to share sports stories because that’s Mikes department he’s the head of. I try to promote his company in these trying times. 

I canceled my indoor pool slot again today. It’s too damned chilly. We sign up online for one of five daily time slots. There are only ten people allowed at a time. We have to come in wearing our suits and leave wearing our wet suits. We’re not allowed to use the locker rooms. We have to scan our Sun City residents card to be allowed into the lodge then walk a long way down the corridor to the pool / fitness area and then wait to be called up to the desk one at a time and get our forehead temperature scanned, then scan our member card again, then we have to leave our shoes on a tray and enter the pool area. There are no chairs in there to use at all nor are we allowed to use the house pool noodles or foam dumbbells. When we’re done we just towel off and leave. Now that it’s chilly out this is a bigger hassle. 

I’m going to run over to Aldi for a few things and then repot my crazy alien- looking weird overgrown cacti that Sallie gave me Saturday. 

Last night for dinner we had the pork roast from the crockpot, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, corn and dinner rolls. I thought the roast was fine but not great. It was a pre-seasoned roast when I bought it. I usually steer clear of those. 

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