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Tuesday, September 22

Taco Tuesday ?

Last week a carpenter came to our house to talk about our kitchen remodel. During the conversation he and Mike got to talking about area restaurants. He recommended an area Mexican restaurant in Crystal Lake called Antiqua. Mike and I went over and tried it the other day and it was good although they didn’t have anything very spicy at all. Mike is always looking for spicy foods. But they do have $1.00 taco Tuesdays so maybe we’re going to go over there today and give them a second try. They also have live music. I guess anything to get customers in.
Yesterday I got so busy completing my online training modules that I lost track of time and forgot my pool appointment. I got three letters from TRS yesterday- FINALLY getting some action from them!

I’m going to take Bitzi for a nice long walk around the lake and lodge.

There’s so much crazy crap to take care of getting retired and getting signed back on as a different type of employee. My brain is boggled. I have a lot of money coming in several different lumps to put into an IRA. I’ll be glad when all that shit is taken care of. 
Mike fixed my rubbing bike tire issue finally after three weeks of saying he would. 

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