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Friday, May 29

Mi a more

10:51 am Friday 5/20/20

In a little while I’m leaving to drop two bags off at Goodwill and take the puppy for her first check up. I text them when I arrive and they come out and get her and I wait in the car. Then I’m bring the puppy home and going to Costco to buy some tomato plants for my garden plot. The garden just opened for use today so maybe I’ll go plant tomorrow. 

Friday, May 22

The assault team has arrived

7:09 am Friday, May 22, 2020

I’ve been awake for about thirty minutes. When I walked into the kitchen my coffee was already made. Mike heard that I was up and made it. He does that almost every morning and I start each day with a little sweet loving gesture. He took off a few minutes ago to run over to the physical therapy office to continue work on his shoulders. He has to go twice a week for several weeks and he has stretchy bands to use at home. He has pretty broad large shoulders and he’s been having trouble and pain for years. He used to do a lot of tree and bush trimming at our old house, lifting the saws and trimmers and stretching and twisting to use the tools. It seemed to start several summers ago after using our big hedge trimmers a lot. He’s also had some sports injuries from his youth. He also has been suffering with plantar fasciitis the last few weeks and has had a lot of pain walking. He is not one to let me help him. He’s like a wounded snarl-y bear. Thank God he finally went to the doctor for his shoulders and started going to physical therapy.The landscapers just came and attacked the yard with mowers and trimmers buzzing and whirring away for twenty minutes and now they’re gone. It’s like a bunch of commandos on D-Day.  They’re fast and furious. I’m sure they have many yards to complete today. Most of the residents around here use landscapers. There are lots of different companies that serve Sun City. None of our neighbors have complained about our guys coming at 7am, they’re done so fast anyway. Our community has covenants about upkeep and maintainance. You have to apply to the modifications committee if you want to add or remove trees, sidewalks, change your house color, etc. The whole community is well kept and nicely maintained. There are no dumpy houses or yards here. You’re not allowed to have junk dumped in your yards. I think some of the rules are a bit uptight. When we moved in we had several evergreen trees removed. Evidently we were supposed to submit an application for approval to have that done. No one said a word. There are some prissy old dried up busybodies who want to tell you your business. I’ve encountered a couple in our neighborhood. Fran, the lady next door in her nineties is kind of snippy with me and has a barbed tongue. I try to be nice because she’s old and takes care of her 99-year old husband John. He’s so old he’s got the weak happy smiley old going on most of the time. I have seen him fly in to a ridiculous raging rant. I imagine he could have been an asshole in his younger days. He’s a WWII navy veteran and traveled around the world so even pushing one hundred he still has the piss and vinegar in him. Recently Fran got some really horrible- sounding tinny wind chime and stuck it out by the end of the garage closest to our house. It makes a really awful sound. I don’t know if it’s to scare birds away or what.  After I just wrote that I went out to my front door stoop and took down my two nice-sounding wind chimes and took them to the back yard and hung them in the back corner tree . Now I can enjoy them back there with my birds. Beautiful Wind Chimes

I have two Zoom private lessons today and that’s it. I’ve whittled them down this week. I’ve gotten some really nice emails from students and parents for my retirement. Several kids have made me nice tribute videos on Flipgrid. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of retiring teachers shamelessly milking all the praise, attention and adoration they can get building up to their retirement. I get embarrassed for them just seeing or hearing it. Just say thanks and be done already. Our whole purpose is to teach the students and push them forward to succeed. Push forward don’t cling and drag it out. I prefer clean cuts. Move on. I just got an email from a student ( actually from his mom) with a $25 Amazon gift card link. You just click on the link and it adds it to your account. This is the third one I’ve gotten. So quick and easy and thoughtful!

9:13 Now I have the back screen door open listening to the birds singing. I just filled hummingbird feeders but they’re empty again so I made more syrup and it’s cooling. I always bring the feeders in and wash them in hot water before refilling them. Something knocked over my big birdbath so I had to set that back up and fill it. Mike is balancing the checkbook and sitting at the kitchen table. He is very detail oriented and OCD and his minor was accounting so he always does that stuff. He’s better at it than me although I could do it if I had to. I hear him shuffling papers out there will the bird trills in the background. I have on super soft light gray yoga pants, a hot pink sleeveless clingy yoga top and a loose lightweight white short- sleeved Columbia top over it as a little jacket I LOVE Columbia shirt jackets  ’m wearing my neon yellow-green Crocs slider sandals that I got on Oahu two summers ago at the Crocs store in an outlet store. They’re SO comfortable. Awesome Crocs sandals 

2:36pm I just finished my last two Zoom private lessons. I’m done. Technically there’s next Tuesday and Wednesday but all my stuff is done. I feel like I just jumped out of a plane and I’m not sure if  even  have a parachute or if I even want one. Pretty strange. AND now finally the sun has come out. Everything’s gonna be alright. 

If you haven’t guessed, I haven’t really shared or promoted this blog to anyone outside a very select few who somehow I’ve up to this point been unable to scare off. It is available to search engines ( sometimes). This has just pretty much been like an online diary for me for years and has helped me cope and process life and my ( often self inflicted) struggles. I have toyed with the idea of doing it more openly after retirement and have been investigating promoting, affiliate marketing and sponsorships. I’m still in the investigative stage. Still pecking away with one finger on my iPad in my lap while I lounge in my worn out recliner with birdsongs and wind chimes as my background music. 

What’s it all about Allie? 

3:51  I have been cleaning and packing up all my Zoom lessons junk and instruments from the spare bedroom. Milo & Oscar are taking the trombones. Lola wants my old junky baritone and my oboe. I’ll put those and books and folding stands in the back of my car to get them out of the way. Mike is camped out in the office on his laptop even though he’s not working so I can’t really go in that dinky room and start purging. The ice pick pain on the lower right sacroiliac joint is back. I’m drinking my leftover vodka lemonade that was in a thermos cup in the fridge for several days. My brain can already feel it. A lady from my wine fairy group stopped by this morning and brought me wine and dark chocolate. How very nice. I got lovely retirement cards in the mail from a couple friends. So thoughtful. 

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