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Water therapy

5:53am I have 6:30 pool appointments today and the rest of the week. Im drinking coffee and will go put my swimsuit on under my clothes in a few minutes. I go in the lodge, scan my card, walk clear over to the pool area, scan my car again, get my temp taken, go into the locker area, strip, go to the pool, exercise fast & furious, leave before the session ends, dress and come home. I miss the big luxurious hot tub and steam sauna but it is what it is.  I tried having a talk with Mike last night. It didn’t go well. As usual he immediately got defensive and loud so I just got up and went in the other room and cried. Later he was trying to be all kissy kissy without apologizing or addressing the issue like always. A leopard doesn’t change his spots. I’m just not going to try anymore. I’m just going to take care of my own sanity and health and happiness. This train is leaving the station. 

Knee jerk

5:07pm.  It’s been a good day so far. I have my knee brace on- it’s been hurting again and feeling weird. Mike is off playing golf down by Henry, IL with men from his family.  I’ve been messing with the dog most of the day. I went out to the garden twice and used the hoe a bit. Using the hoe chopping the weeds wears me out so badly in the heat. The last two days I went to our indoor pool and did a whole bunch of exercises and today I’m pretty tired, slow and sore. There are only so many time slots limited to ten people at a time that can use the indoor pool. One of the outdoor pools is open but I haven’t been yet.