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Friday, May 29

Mi a more

10:51 am Friday 5/20/20

In a little while I’m leaving to drop two bags off at Goodwill and take the puppy for her first check up. I text them when I arrive and they come out and get her and I wait in the car. Then I’m bring the puppy home and going to Costco to buy some tomato plants for my garden plot. The garden just opened for use today so maybe I’ll go plant tomorrow. 

Friday, March 27

Zoomin in pajamas

This morning I have three Zoom video conferencing meeting training sessions starting at 8 am. I haven’t been getting up this early the last couple weeks. Everything now is weird. I still have my pajamas on and no makeup. I did wash my face and put on moisturizer. It will have to be good enough. I’m on coffee #2 so far. I’m typing on my IPad with my headphones on. Mike has the TV news on chattering away. He’s oblivious to the fact I’m going to have to go in to my meeting in a minute. When he takes his work meetings at home he goes back to my office and closes the door for privacy. He has completely taken over my office for his work from home. He used to work at the kitchen table until I offered my office. Now I’m SOL. I’m going to re-do the spare bedroom into another office area. 


I finished my first Zoom class session. Pretty cool. I have another one on how to use Zoom with students at 10. 

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