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Wednesday, August 12


Yesterday I went for my annual physical and bloodwork ( free with my teacher insurance that’s changing August 31 to my retirement insurance so figured I’d get it done).

9:03 Now I’m trying to use my old janky iPad keyboard case that doesn’t fit the iPad right and the keyboard keys feel all junky and hollow plastic like a toy. This has been sitting around unused for a couple years -unused as I had my much nicer keyboard on my work iPad but I turned that in in May so haven’t really bothered it with it much until now. But now I feel like I ought to at least give it another try. So here goes. The part of the keyboard case that actually holds the iPad is too wide so it slides down a little bit but it rests on a track on the keyboard part so that’s not that big of a deal. The key action feels awkward and junky but then I haven’t even been typing for quite a while so that’s not going to matter in the long run. I had a nice new work laptop too that I barely used (preferring the iPad) but that got turned in too. As of yet I can not justify buying a new one. I’m kind of in use it up, recycle, repurpose mode. 

I’ve been searching -kinda- for a new job. I’m not really sure I even want or need a job but have been looking and applying on Indeed and Snagajob apps. I’ve had a couple phone interviews but just kind of fizzled out in the middle and told them no thank you. Maybe I don’t really want another job. Maybe the universe wants me to live a simple, humble, poor Amish life. Maybe the universe will bring me the new job when it’s time. Maybe the universe doesn’t want me working while the pandemic is still going on. I believe in a higher power and things all happen when and as they’re supposed to.

Now I’m getting a little more used to this janky keyboard. 
Mike’s typing skills are phenomenal. I have never seen anyone else type with such ferocious speed and accuracy. I sure don’t like him watching me try to type. I used to like typing and considered myself pretty good back in the day when there were actual typewriters.

I’m taking Bitzi to the groomer at 10 and going to buy a new toilet seat for my bathroom. My seat has a big crack in the side and I’m not getting any more thigh pinches! I’m pretty sure everything in the house is the original from 21 years ago. I deserve a new toilet seat.

Today is garbage day. I’m sitting at the kitchen table typing with the sliding screen door open. I can hear the garbage truck booming and whooshing as it goes along our street stopping at each house. 

We had a lady who does cabinet painting come over and check out our kitchen cabinets and she will give us an estimate on painting them. I’m also buying an additional pantry cabinet to add to the side of the existing (small, inadequate) set up. We’re going to paint, install new hardware, sink, quartz counters and bright under cabinet lighting. The new pantry cabinet I want is at Menards and is ClearVue brand and has a ton of space and nice pull-out drawers.. The existing pantry cabinet is gong to house some of the TV media stuff when we mount  the TV on the living room wall behind it. I also want to install an inset electric fireplace beneath the TV. And we’re getting luxury plank vinyl flooring in the kitchen, living room, front room and entryway. That will also snowball in to painting all the doors and trim..........Not sure how soon this will start but I’m gong to keep typing on my janky keyboard for the time being. I have thought about work from home online jobs, perhaps transcription but that would require me to type faster and more accurately. Medical transcription jobs require a training course and certificate I believe. My efforts at blogging so far have just been personally therapeutic and not gained any other value at all to be honest. I guess I’ll just have to keep investigating.

My oldest sister Vicki is doing better now. She had a very bad bowel blockage but that’s been resolved. She’s feeling better and perkier and more like her old self again. My oldest daughter took my youngest granddaughter, Hennessy, and went back to Muncie  Indiana with her husband for his construction job. She went with him last week while I kept both her girls and my youngest daughter Sarah’s boys. Having them all together was a mistake but now I know and won’t do it again. We survived.

2:25 pm

Bitzi got a great cut at the groomer. Everybody loves her and she loves going and seeing all the different dogs. I got my new toilet seat at Walmart and Mike put it on during his lunch break, although he said it was a giant pain in the butt squeezing back in that dinky toilet closet inside the much bigger master bathroom. One of the bolts (surely had been on there for 21 years) was rusted and broken off while he was trying to get them off so he had to go out to the garage and find a wrench. But he got it done then I scrubbed and cleaned and disinfected the whole bathroom. It needed to be done.

My lab tests results all came back fine and normal. I am very grateful and feel blessed considering everyone our age on blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.... meds. I feel blessed.  I made an appointment for my mammogram for next Tuesday morning. It’s been two years. Since my sister Vicki had breast cancer I’m considered higher risk and have to get them more often I guess. 

We’re redecorating the spare bedroom and gave away the full bed that was in there. We also have a foam mattress topper and some old pillows to get rid of but we forgot to put them out for the trash. We going to paint in there and fill the nail holes and get a new futon and a little desk table for me. I like to just get shit done and Mike moves at a cautious glacial pace with everything.

The more I think about it the more picky I feel about taking another different job. I don’t want to drive more than a few miles. If it requires much driving at all, screw it. I don’t want anything with stress or drama. If it has that then screw it. It has to pay a decent rate. If it doesn’t, screw it. It cannot contain much germ exposure at all. If it does, then I’m out. That pretty much narrows down the field. The older I get, the faster I know right away if I like someone or something. I just get a vibe or a gut feeling. I am superficially pleasant and social with most people but my guard is always up for users, emotional vampires, freaks, weirdos, controllers, assholes...... For me to let my guard down and be genuinely comfortable and sincerely honest takes a lot. And once in a very great while I meet someone and know right away but those are few and far between. Only a couple times in your life do you earn a true blue heart to heart risk your life friend. Those people are the roots of your tree, your soul, your existence. Those people are the ones who you know will always be there for you in spirit even if you don’t hear from them for years. The other people are the limbs, the branches, the leaves.....and if those happen to blow away or fall off on their own your tree roots will still survive and maybe grow stronger because of it.

We had some much leftover food in the fridge from when the kids were here. The last couple days we’ve been trying to use it up and clean out the fridge. Neither one of us needs to be eating much and especially not kid junk food.  

This afternoon I’ve been doing laundry and outside watering my flowers. I’m going to dig up and move a bunch of flowers in the next few days to the new bare spot in front where we had the tree and bushes removed. I’d really like to get a couple knockout roses and plant in there too but don’t know if any stores have them now. They’re more early spring or summer plants in the stores usually. It would be nice to try to plant them and get a bit established before winter though. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go look at Lowes.

Next week on Friday is a small family wedding for Mike’s nephew (godson) and they are keeping it to 50 people. Originally before the pandemic it was going to be a big fancy event at a country club. And it’s be postponed and rescheduled a couple times so now it’s for a much smaller group in the bride’s parents’ back yard. Semi-formal attire requested. In a back yard. I’ll have to be covered in deep woods OFF or dip myself in pure DEET . I really dread his family functions. Everyone is so loud and talks at the same time about themselves.

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