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Sunday, April 5

Riding the storm out

5:40 pm 

Like most every day lately it’s been a calm uneventful day. The sun was shing all day and the temperature was mild. I went for a nice walk without a jacket around noon. Later in the afternoon I planted some stargazer lily bulbs in the front of the house and some bleeding heart roots in the back. I planted some morning glory seeds in the 3 big pots behind the patio lattice and sprinkled some allium seeds in the north side flower bed and then a whole bunch of assorted perennial wildflower seeds on the south side. Then I took most of my houseplants outside for the season. I still have all my aloe Vera plants inside still but they’re going out too. 
I made some germ face masks out of bandanas. We won’t be going back to school. I’m done in 7 weeks and out for good. What a crazy bummer way to go out. I’m trying really hard to stay positive. I’ve made myself a schedule to stick too so I don’t spin off the edge of reason #covid-19 #pandemic #shelterathome

Wednesday, March 18

Nesting instinct


It’s a rainy chilly day in sharp contrast to yesterday’s beautiful weather. I’ve only poked my head outside a couple times. Mike has been working quietly in the back office all day. He worked until 12:30am this morning for the election coverage. He did sleep a few hours after that. 

Tuesday, March 17

11% Irish


It’s St. Patrick’s day. There is none of the usual celebrations or silliness due to everybody isolating at home. It’s pretty weird. Yesterday the president said this pandemic emergency in the US could last until July or August or longer. I’m supposed to go back to work on the 30th but highly doubt that will happen. As of 5 pm today our community, Sun City in Huntley, IL, is closing down all of our indoor facilities. No pool, sauna, hot tub, gym, library, ballroom, etc... It makes sense. I’m going over to the lodge to swim one more time before they close for an undetermined period. I’m also going for a walk around our lake.

Mike is working from home again and it’s Election Day so he’ll be going until late. His last deadline of the night is 11:30.  I cleaned up my little office for him so all my assorted junk wasn’t all over. I should take a bunch of my instruments out of there so it’s not quite so claustrophobic. 

At least the sun is shining. That always helps me. Yesterday I got all my school assessment papers sorted, organized, scored, calculated and entered into the Google form. Big ridiculous pain in the ass! At least it’s done. Who knows when school will be back in session.


From my DNA analysis I am 78% English, 11% Irish/ Scottish  8% German, 3% Norwegian. I knew my mother’s mother had come over from Gloucester England when she was 15. Grandpa came at a similar time from the same region. My grandparents kept a lot of England in them their whole lives. Grandma had a particularly strong accent.  I very much remember our tea parties with grandma and her flaming figgy steamed pudding with hard sauce at Christmas. 


I went to the lodge and swam, did water aerobics with the foam dumbbells, did a bunch of leg lifts and ab crunches, sat out and drip dried for a while, got back in the pool and did some more jogging,  sat out another few minutes then used the hot tub and steam sauna. When I went to the locker room I took a nice long hot shower then came home and then went and got my hair cut SHORT. It feels so good! Root Lifter for short hair 

Mike is in the back office room on his fifth work conference call of the day. I can hear the other people chattering away on speakerphone. I’m glad I cleaned that space up for him so he can have privacy. If he’s out in the kitchen working from the table I always forget and start talking or making noises. Lately I’ve been thinking of redoing the spare bedroom for an office. He always dumps his junk all over the bed in there anyway. Right now it’s just a dump room that has an old spare bed.daybed with trundle

I’ve been coughing, congested and wheezing more than normal the last two days. I’m pretty damned sure I already had the friggin corona virus in January. That is about the sickest I can ever remember. It’s always something #flu #coronavirus #socialdistancing #chicago #activeadultlifestyle #delwebbsuncity 
I don’t know how long schools and businesses will be closed. This is going to be bad. A 60 year old woman died from the corona virus in Illinois today. She had no underlying health condition. I’m 60 and I do!


News flash- Kansas schools are staying closed the remainder of the school year.

Monday, March 16

Isolation inspiration

I’ve been pretty worried and bugged out lately by my family issues. I’ve tried not to show it or talk to people about it. Mike, while to be a very strong loyal husband supporter and advocate, is not a sensitive person at all. He doesn’t pick up on subtle things. A lot of the time he doesn’t get me. If I do tell him what’s bothering me, instead of empathizing, he tries to tell me what to do. So I don’t tell him a lot of the time because it’s useless. He’s like Andy Cypowicz from NYPD Blue NYPD Blue Lou Grant from Mary Tyler Moore and Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners Honeymoonersall rolled into one. Big Heart.
Anyway the past few weeks I’ve been eating too much and unhealthy things so now I’m feeling too fluffy. I’m going out for a walk and to the pool.

There’s nonstop media coverage on the pandemic. Gaaaahhhhh! Just get over this shit! Actually I’m pretty sure this is going to last longer and get a lot worse. I usually plan for worst case scenario. Now all the restaurants and bars are closed. The economic impact of this is going to be devastating.germ masks

I have papers to grade and online blackjack and word brain to play. 

I got some housework done and started sorting my hundreds of pages of year-end assessment tests for fifth and sixth grade band kids from my five schools. Mike is working from home in what has been my back office. It’s so piled up and loaded with instruments I feel sorry for him. After I retire I’m getting rid of a bunch of stuff! When he takes a break I’ll go in there and move a bunch of stuff out of his way. I did get all my test papers sorted and marked. I’ll have to enter the averages for all schools into online documents. I’ll probably do that tomorrow.
It snowed for a while this morning but now it’s all melted.

Testing testing testing

I’m trying to figure out how to work this Amazon Affiliate business in a way that I can easily manage.  Discount birdbath!  I hope I’m doing...