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Friday, June 26

Phase Four

7:23am. It’s overcast and lightly, gently raining. I can hear the marsh birds twittering away through the back screen door and the puppy gnawing away at her chew bone and squeaking her pink ball. The landscapers just now arrived and I can hear their mowers whirring in the back yard. The other day we gave  them the full size bed, headboard & sheets and comforter set from our spare room. It’s a small room because I’m redecorating the room in to a more usable space with a small desk. I’ll have inflatable beds for when the kids come.  I found an extra sheet for that bed after they left the other day so just took it out to them with a couple Gatorades. 
Yesterday I went through all the old pictures that were in the spare room and took all the pictures out of all the frames. I’m giving all the frames to Goodwill and sealing all the pictures in a huge ziplock bag. I always start crying when I go through old pictures so I tend to avoid it and put it off. I have a while bunch more pictures in frames in two drawers in my bedroom to go through today. We only have so much wall space in this house. 
Mike is at physical therapy. The landscapers are gone already. It doesn’t take them long for our small yard.
We just found out that Mikes son Casey and his wife Jackie are expecting a baby. That will be number nine for us!

8:41 Mike is home from PT. He has two more weeks to go. I’m going to go start taking the pictures out of frames from the bedroom drawers. I hope I don’t start crying again.  It’s a pretty gloomy day with more rain and storms coming. 

9:27 I’m done with the pictures and took the empty frames to the garage to load in the back of the Tahoe and take to Goodwill. I didn’t look at the pictures too much because I didn’t want to get into that funk about the past. I just took them out of the frames and put them in the big bag with the others. It’s really dark and pouring rain now. Today starts Phase Four of reopening ILlinois so more things will be open. There will be modified indoor seating at restaurants.

11:36 I’m back from Aldi and Goodwill. I got a new thermal zip tote bag at Aldi. I have a tote bag addiction! It was pouring monsoon-like rain when I left Aldi. Fortunately I had my umbrella. I donated over forty picture frames to Goodwill, some of them new or like new. It feels so good to clear things out!

2:40 I’ve been out and taken a couple good walks with Bitzi this afternoon. Now she’s passed out on the rug. It’s starting to rain hard and thunder again. 

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