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Monday, April 13

A new week full of possibilities


I’ve been doing work stuff this morning and I’m going for a walk in a few minutes. I have four private lessons this afternoon starting at 1 and ending at 4 via Zoom. The private lessons aren’t so bad it’s mostly the groups I’m still not confident managing. I’m resolved to eat healthier, exercise more and stick to a schedule better this week. Trying to not feel like my entire life is one big doomed blur.

Sunday, April 5

Riding the storm out

5:40 pm 

Like most every day lately it’s been a calm uneventful day. The sun was shing all day and the temperature was mild. I went for a nice walk without a jacket around noon. Later in the afternoon I planted some stargazer lily bulbs in the front of the house and some bleeding heart roots in the back. I planted some morning glory seeds in the 3 big pots behind the patio lattice and sprinkled some allium seeds in the north side flower bed and then a whole bunch of assorted perennial wildflower seeds on the south side. Then I took most of my houseplants outside for the season. I still have all my aloe Vera plants inside still but they’re going out too. 
I made some germ face masks out of bandanas. We won’t be going back to school. I’m done in 7 weeks and out for good. What a crazy bummer way to go out. I’m trying really hard to stay positive. I’ve made myself a schedule to stick too so I don’t spin off the edge of reason #covid-19 #pandemic #shelterathome

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