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10:20 am. It’s Friday but no days seem like the day they are anymore. It’s weird but I’ve heard other people say that too. Things are different now. I went for a nice bike ride a while ago and went across the way to Wildflower Lake and rode through the parking lot. I’m not sure if bikes are allowed on the path that goes around the lake, I know golf carts and walkers are allowed. I then rode up past the main Prairieview Lodge and then back home. It was a long way for me just starting to ride a bike again. My bike doesn’t have any gears to shift to make the few small inclines easier.  After I got home I cooled off a bit and then took Bitzi for a walk up to the top of the hill at the park across the street. I’m still sweating but it’s a cool slow sweat now.  I hate when I have the big sweat going and my face sweats. I hate that!  It’s really thick and muggy out there lately. When we moved Mike gave his nice 10-speed bike to his son Casey. I wish he still had it so he could ride with me. O


I’ve taken Bitzi on a couple long walks today. It’s pretty hot and I carried her some of the way. She doesn’t tolerate the heat that well and starts panting pretty hard. It’s the middle of the afternoon and baking hot out there right now. I have an appointment for a 3:45 indoor pool slot. Actually I’m too tired to go and thought about canceling but I’m going to go anyway and try it. Maybe the water will be invigorating. My old friend Marilyn called me a while ago. I hadn’t talked to her in almost a year. She wanted to get together for lunch. I guess sometimes it is my friends who contact me. I just have to wait them out I guess. Marilyn has been retired for several years. She’s kind and sweet and funny. I’ve always liked her and her quirky ways. Anyway we’ll probably get together for lunch in a couple weeks. She always has interesting stories. I’ve known her for twenty years. We were band teacher friends to start. It feels weird and good at the same time. I’m just not used to it. I fee