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Wednesday, September 23

Things that bug me

I’m sitting at the kitchen table typing on my little keyboard that doesn’t fit my iPad quite right. It’s too big and loose to hold the iPad correctly so I have a piece of double-stick nano tape on the back to hold it in place but it’s not working very well and the iPad slides off the track every little while. I may have it stuck on there well enough now......we shall see. It’s the nit picky little annoying things that drive me crazy and there have been tons of those lately. The millisecond my retirement was final the district terminated my email, my ID, all my district accounts and all that crap. Fine. NO ONE told me that if I wanted to have the option to sub I needed to notify them within 30 days so much stuff would carry over. So a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to have the OPTION to perhaps sub if I wanted to. I had to APPLY to the district which was a pain in the ass bunch of bullshit on its own. THEN once I was hired I have had to go through an enormous bunch of bullshit. And since I no longer had my district email much of the stuff they were sending me got caught in my spam junk folders. Now I think I have most of my stuff restored BUT my ability to log in to sub finder still won’t work. I’ve reset my log on numerous times and it won’t work for some f-ing reason so I had to contact Human Resources and now they’re working on it.......PLUS there was some colossal f up with my forms I submitted to TRS so that’s been a huge Mongolian clusterfeck to correct and resubmit. Still that shit isn’t all done. So many stupid aggravating things. I am not a patient person. I want my stuff done right and I want it now. 

I took Bitzi for a long walk and then continued having to deal with tedious calls, being put on hold and nuisance business emails. Later I have to meet another neighborhood rep at our community restaurant about a possible neighborhood 3 Christmas party luncheon. It would be limited to only 50 people ( there are 278 people in neighborhood 3...) and I can’t really see it happening but oh well....

Tuesday, September 15

It’s just another day

9:30am.   Coffee #1 is being sipped slowly. We’ve taken the dog out twice but she’s too distracted sniffing and staring at things to get down to business and pee so she’s back in her pen in the kitchen. I’ll take her out again in a few minutes. Later this afternoon we’re meeting with a financial planner to roll my two 403B funds and my big lump sum from TRS into a single IRA that’s a conservative safe investment. We had been going to pay the house and car off and then combine them but we’d be hit too hard from taxes in a couple ways so we’re just going to roll and bundle for now. Better safe than sorry. 

I’ve been feeling a bit negative about our community lately. So many noses nitpicky dried up old farts. So many flipping rules. You have to fill out an application and get permission to do just about anything. Since March most all our amenities have been shut down but we’re still all paying our HOA fees. They’ve opened a very few indoor pool slots ( that are mostly always filled up immediately) and arranged for a few food trucks to come ( we pay for that out of pocket though) so what the hell? I’ve been thinking lately about selling this house when Mike retires and moving to Lake Thunderbird in Putnam. Closer to my family. Cheaper. Cheaper property taxes & HOA fees. I’m a country girl redneck at heart.

Today is Bitzis 6 month birthday!

I just read an email from Their DNA analysis has improved and is more sensitive now.
I’m 57% English
I’m 32% Scottish 
I’m 8% Norwegian
3% German 

Wow Scottish! 

Friday, August 21


I’m typing with one finger on my iPad in the still of the early morning. I can hear Michael’s faint rumble snore from the bedroom behind the sound of the ticking wall clock. I had a pretty good sleep although I woke up a couple times itching. I think a mosquito must have gotten in. They always find me.

I have an indoor pool one- hour time slot reservation this morning. The schedule five time slots each week day allowing twelve people total. There are also four two-hour times you can swim at the outdoor pool. You don’t need an appointment and just show up but they only allow fifty so it’s a first come basis. I’ve been there twice now. Most of the people are there just to stand ( or float on pool noodles) and chit chat. At the indoor pool everyone is exercising or swimming laps. I took my foam barbells and did my exercises at the outdoor pool the other day but everyone else was just standing around. I just did my exercises for an hour and left. I was worn out.

Tonight is the wedding in Elburn. I’m looking forward to it. There are only going to be around fifty people there. It’s probably going to be kind of strange with people in masks but oh well. I’m wearing a new royal blue wrap dress and haven’t even tried it on yet. I hope it looks good.

Mike at Rush hospital 11 years ago when I was very bad and near death.

Lola a few years ago learning to shoot her bow.

I know the pandemic is going on but I keep daydreaming about getting away somewhere- the Florida Keys, a cruise, Gatlinburg, The Mirage in Las Vegas......I just want to get away. Mike is too wary of one of us contracting the virus . The damned virus.

9:15 Mike is in a Zoom meeting in his office. I cleaned up the kitchen and scrubbed the crusted baked beans dish with an SOS pad and got it clean finally ( it soaked overnight) and I loaded the dishwasher, wiped the counters off, took out the trash and recycling and cooked the two remaining ears of sweet corn in the microwave so I can keep them in a ziplock bag in the fridge. Mike loved the ribs I made yesterday. I let them char on the grill then wrapped them in foil and cooked them slow in the oven for several hours sealed in foil. Mine was a bit too salty for me. I think the rub plus the barbecue sauce equaled too much salt but he loved them. I haven’t made ribs in a couple years. 

Thursday, April 16

These are trying times


Mike is on a phone meeting with the high school sports editor in the back office behind two doors across the room and down the hall from me and I can still hear every word he says. He has a big boomy resonant voice- not as deep as Darth Vader but in the team picture.

The landscape crew has been working away in our yard for a couple hours this morning. They removed this odd dirt hump berm that had held these skinny evergreen carrot-shaped trees we had removed when we moved in last March. They also got up on the roof and cleaned all the gutters, re-edged the flower beds, mulched and put sod down. We used Renee Alvarez’s Greenside Up company at the old house for years. They’re such nice guys and do great work for reasonable prices. Our old house yard was MUCH bigger than this current one. 

It’s supposed to snow again today.

I couldn’t go to sleep last night for a long time. I don’t know what the deal was. I’ve been sleeping so good. Maybe my sleep tank was full.

Tuesday, April 14


11:16 am 

I have 3 Zoom meetings this afternoon with sixth grade band students: percussion, brass, Woodwinds.I sent them all reminder links yesterday. Tomorrow I’ll send out Zoom meeting reminder links for my fifth graders. Another teacher and I are managing 158 elementary band students from Elgin, South Elgin, Bartlett and Wayne with distance learning daily. We have a shared Google Classroom for each of the two grade levels, I am running the band blog and we’re both doing Zoom group and private lessons. I have six weeks until I retire and it’s dragging by given the situation we’re in. 

Mike is really stressed by everything and it’s becoming increasingly apparent. I don’t know what to do to help make it better. That across the board salary cut really punched him in the gut. That and the stock market. I just feel like I’ve been through so many disasters that this is just another one to get through. 
Hunker  down and grip  tight to the saddle horn an d hang on and it will eventually get better. 

It’s pretty cold and snowing heavily. I brought in the rest of my houseplants that we’re on the front porch and back patio. I’m sure they’re really pissed off and are going to die on me. It’s really to chilly and unpleasant to go out for a walk. I have more bread rising in the kitchen. 

I had a couple more kids request private Zoom lessons this morning so I scheduled them and sent them the links. That should help keep us occupied and out of trouble.

For some reason I’ve been dreaming a lot the past few weeks and I never dream. There’s something weird going on with me it seems. Perhaps some type of spiritual and / or sensory awakening? 

I bought some fresh sweet corn in the husk Saturday to have with Easter dinner Sunday but then forgot it. I’m going to cook it today otherwise it goes bad and starchy. 

11:49 I just cooked the corn on the cob. Really good yellow and white sweet corn. 

Thursday, March 26

The days are a blurry haze


I’ve been up since around 8. I’ve been sleeping later lately because I have nowhere to be. I’ve been riding along to stores with Mike but staying in the car while he goes inside to shop.

I went to Loyola Tuesday for a check up with my oncologist / transplant doctor. My labs were all really good. He said my immune system is now like a 6 year olds. Still not normal but improving a bit each time I go. I go back in another six months.

I went for a walk but it started raining after a little while so I came back. It’s pretty hazy and damp-ish out there.



It’s doesn’t even feel like a Thursday. Every day just melts into the next like a slow thick blanket of fog. Mike is still working in my little back office. It would be nice to be able to use it next week when I’m supposed to start distance teaching but I’ll have to make do and figure something else out. He does have to take work group video meetings several times a day so that little office space would be the most sound and distraction proof area. I put a bunch of my instruments in my car to give him a little more space. Now due to this world situation his paper is going to start cutting more people. No shock there. 

Sunday, March 22

The abyss of staying put

Watching the news is now an endless infusion of doom relating to the spreading virus and rising death toll across our nation and the world. Scenes from Italy and Spain hospitals are nightmarish. Now our governor has announced all schoolswill be closed until April 8 but I’m pretty certain it will be much longer than that.

Sunday, March 15

Just stay calm and breathe

The chicken I roasted turned out very so-so. I cooked it in my new stoneware pot. I’ll have to get used to it. I’ll turn the leftover chicken meat into something else. I’m looking forward to the debate tonight. I don’t know what else Bernie could possibly say at this point. It will do him no good to try to cut down Biden or boast about his platform. The horse has left the barn. It also will be weird with no spectators. I’m just intrigued enough to watch it. I have a bunch of work assessment tests to grade and calculate. I’m not looking forward to doing that. Next week will be better for that. Mike’s newspaper company has them all working from home for now. He’s head of sports but there are no games being played so his department is scrambling to come up with interesting stories. On Tuesday, election day-night, he’ll be going in to the office though.

It’s so weird how things have changed so quickly- the state, the country, the world. 

I cleaned the kitchen up and scrubbed my stoneware pot. The sun is shining out after yesterday’s snow. Now the snow is all gone. I have a bunch of flower seeds and flower roots to plant when the danger of frost is gone. It will be good to get out there and dig.

 I keep fighting the heartache. I keep pushing it back and tucking it under the bed. Theres so much going on right now with family and friends. Things I can’t fix but still need to live with. Give it to God. I have to be grateful and count my blessings. 

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