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I felt it coming

8:29 am It’s chilly. It got colder and windy and rained heavily last night. I’ve got on a pair of leggings, gym shoes, a stretchy black yoga top and a lightweight white Columbia shirt on top and I’m still chilly. I don’t have any school Zoom lessons until 2pm today. Mike is in the back office. He has a Zoom Tuesday morning group meeting in a few minutes. He just asked me to come in there so he could ask me a question about Zoom ( I only know the basics) but it was easy to answer. I miss my cozy little cluttered office. He’s already well rooted in there now with his work set up. My junk is in the spare bedroom. I have a little old table for my laptop, an extra chair and a music stand for my holding things station and the spare bed in there holding my assembled instruments as I switch off between different lessons. It’s a bit unhandy  but it’s only for a few more weeks. Mike is leaving around noon to drive to St. Charles ( from Huntley it’s about 32 miles) to pick up his mom and then tak