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And now it’s here

As has been the case the last couple weeks I’m dragging, slow and sleepy this morning wanting to go curl up under the covers and sleep a couple more hours. I put my gents ya in eye drops in this morning and now I’m feeling pain behind the left eyeball. That’s the one that had the detached retina. Not good. Maybe the drops are doing something in there. Probably ought to see an ophthalmologist.....I haven’t gone for a couple years. I just got so freakin sick of doctors after the stem cell transplant. I need to go prep my lunch & coffee travel mug to take in my car with me for lunch. And get dressed and do my hair and makeup. I am so not in to this. There is a gloom weighing me down. BUT gotta do it to keep my job, not get in trouble, keep getting paid, snap out of it.