Tuesday, May 14

Under da weather

It’s Tuesday afternoon. I just dropped Bitzi off at the groomer. They’ll text me when she’s ready. I haven’t done much today as I started coming down with a cold and sore throat last night. I have extra bronchial congestion, coughing, runny nose, whoozey head and feel somewhat crappy. I took 2 Advil cold and sinus pills a while ago so should feel some relief soon. I was supposed to go out to dinner with the neighbor ladies tonight but I’m not going. Too gross feeling. It’s rainy, overcast and chilly today. I put a whole bunch of my plants outside Sunday. I sure hope they don’t die. I have a bunch more inside to take out and plant but I’m not up to it today. I also have about a bjillion seeds to plant too. Next week is my oldest grandson’s 8 th grade graduation so I’ll be driving down to Lewistown. I can also deliver their Bahamas T-shirts I got them.